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Nita Kehoe

Professor of Art

Nita Kehoe

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Main Campus Riverton:ARTS CENTER 103

I love when students understand a concept and create artwork they are proud of.”


Nita Kehoe is originally from Des Moines, Iowa and has been a faculty member at CWC since the fall of 2000. During her tenure within the art department, she has expanded the sculpture offerings to include welding and hot glass. In addition to those areas, she also teaches bronze casting, fibers and art history.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design, University of Iowa-Iowa City
  • Master of Arts in Sculpture, University of Iowa-Iowa City
  • Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture, University of Cincinnati
  • Taught in Costa Rican rain forest
  • Exhibited artwork in Israel and Romania
  • Exhibited artwork around the US and in Europe