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Alpine Science Institute

at Central Wyoming College

The Alpine Science Institute of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem puts students in the most remote locations, climbing the highest mountains all while conducting cutting edge research.

This program is designed for students who want to get outside and explore! For those who love mountaintops, wilderness backpacking, skiing, mountain biking, and living in a tent for weeks or months at a time at elevations from 3,000 to more than 12,000 feet above sea level - your adventure is calling.

ASI work environments include Gannett Peak, Grand Teton National Park, and Wyoming’s Wind River Range. The ASI experiential learning strategy focuses on the integration of field-based skills with Outdoor Education, Environmental Science and Archaeology. We are based in the heart of the Rocky Mountains but partner with institutions across the nation and beyond to provide additional opportunities for our students as far away as the Alps and Andes. Classroom and lab instruction is conducted on our campuses in Riverton, Lander, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

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    Anything but average

    Scientific papers and technical reports by students are used by federal and state agencies including the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, to make wildlife and land management decisions.

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    Hands on research in climate, water and ecology

    CWC's science-based study of anthropology and environmental science provides great opportunities to see the planet.

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    Partnerships that boost achievement

    Partnerships with the Bureau of Land Management, American Climber Science Program, US Forest Service, Environmental Systems Research Institute, University of CA Redlands, NOLS, and UW.

Let the adventure begin

If you have an interest in anthropology, environmental science, geospatial information systems technology (GIST), or outdoor education you can begin your studies and career on top of the Rocky Mountains as part of the Alpine Science Institute at Central Wyoming College.  

If you like experiential learning and want to explore a science-based education in and outside of the classroom, the Alpine Science Institute is the place to start.

Upon completion of this internationally-known program, students hold accredited college degrees in diverse fields and are prepared to enter the workforce or continue on for higher academic degrees.

Read about the Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition (ICCE) in Scientific American. by Ben Storrow, E&E News on September 13, 2017.


Students in the program:

  • Explore the world doing scientific research to understand the planet and the life forms it supports
  • Participate in cutting edge archaeology to figure out how people lived thousands of years ago
  • Apply discoveries to real world questions and problems involving land and resource management, recreation and environmental issues

Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition (ICCE)

This annual expedition takes students on extended journeys into the Fitzpatrick Wilderness Area in the Shoshone National Forest to conduct research on and around the Dinwoody Glacier and Gannett Peak (13,809 feet). Students perform glaciological and hydrological research and investigate archaeological sites dating back almost 12,000 years made by some of the earliest humans in North America. These expeditions include explorations of North America’s highest prehistoric buffalo jump (11,000 feet) and related campsites.