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Red Canyon is right outside of Lander Wyoming.

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    All students and employees should report to the college if they are exposed to any person known to have the COVID-19 virus. The college will follow current CDC/WDH guidelines in protecting the college community and limiting further exposure. Those guidelines currently require a 14-day self-quarantine

    Central Wyoming College will close all physical campus facilities until March 29. This decision is for the protection of CWC employees and the community. During the physical campus closure, CWC will continue to offer virtual services wherever possible. Online and zoom classes will resume on March 30. Students, 

    CWC will continue to operate virtually by assisting students and the community for any needs regarding admissions to CWC which includes housing, financial aid, scholarship information and other information regarding enrollment at CWC. For department contact information please go to
    Current CWC students will receive information regarding classes from their instructors. All students who are currently living on campus will have the essential provisions needed. The CWC Dean of Students will be available to assist any students living on campus.
    1. Admissions
    2. Registration
    3. Financial Aid
    4. IT Help Desk
    5. Library Services
      1. Library books upon request
      2. Digital Resources
        • For any of our online resources (journals and journal articles, eBooks, National Geographic, Smithsonian magazine), all you need is your MyCentral login information.
        • To use the digital libraries RBDigital (audiobooks and magazines) or Cloud Library (eBooks), you will need a valid Wyoming library card - this can be your CWC library card, Fremont Library card, Teton County Library card, etc. 
      3. Library Cards
      4. Reference Services 
        • CWC Librarians will be available to schedule reference services via phone, messaging, or Zoom throughout the library’s closure. Please use the contact information listed below, and a librarian will respond as soon as possible. 
    6. Housing
    7. Dean of Students
    8. Counseling
    9. Campus Security

    Contact information for all departments:

  • Presented by the CWC Library:
    Prepare for this semester's research projects by attending these workshops all in Main Hall 157!

    Research 101 & Don't Google Solo

    The library staff is currently working on creating a digital version of Research 101 & Don't Google Solo. To be added to the distribution list, contact

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President's Newsletter

A personal note from Dr. Tyndall, human resource data, and employee celebrations.

Strategic Plan


The mission of Central Wyoming College is to enhance the quality of life through innovation and excellence in education.


The vision of Central Wyoming College is to provide lifelong learning opportunities beyond the boundaries of time and place.

Strategic Plan Key Results

Student Success & Learning

Successful Central Wyoming College students discover their academic potential, achieve their goals and build their future while respecting human dignity in the service of diverse communities.

  1. CWC will strengthen the retention and completion of the pipeline from high school to 4-year transfer or job placement for all types of students.
  2. CWC will offer high quality, inclusive, relevant academic programs that exhibit rigor and deep learning.
  3. CWC will enhance learning and enrichment for non-degree-seeking students.

Positive Employee Engagement

CWC employees value and feel valued by the organization; uplift those around them and embrace their role in the success of CWC.

  1. CWC will develop a positive culture where employees feel valued and there is effective communication.
  2. All employees will embrace their role in the success of CWC.
  3. CWC will increase relevant professional development and training opportunities for all employees.

Educational Partnerships & Collaborations

CWC engages in mutually beneficial educational and organizational partnerships for the purpose of enhancing lives.

  1. To improve academic programs for student success, CWC will further develop partnerships with advisory boards that inform curriculum and academic and cultural program offerings.
  2. To improve student success pathways, CWC will further develop partnerships with advisory boards that inform curriculum and academic and cultural program offerings.
  3. To facilitate joint community and student success, CWC will further develop partnerships that create opportunities for grants, leverage shared resources and facilitate internships and job placement for students and alumni.


CWC is sustainable when it is fiscally responsible, has an increase in enrollment/retention, has a strong and supportive Foundation, relies on funds from a mix of sources (appropriations, grants, fundraising, tuition, reserves) and uses resources efficiently.

  1. CWC will increase enrollment-related funds through the enrollment of new students and retain current students.
  2. CWC will continually reduce its reliance on fiscal reserves.
  3. CWC will work with the CWC Foundation and booster clubs to increase program funds.
  4. CWC will pursue and secure increased funds from grants that furthers CWC’s mission and goals.
  5. CWC will manage resources in an environmentally sustainable way.

Community Resource & Workforce Development

CWC enhances the economic/business climate in our service area. CWC provides the community access to opportunities for workforce development, cultural enrichment, wellness and lifelong learning.

  1. CWC will serve as a catalyst for economic development. CWC will tailor credit and non-credit courses to meet the needs of local employers, the unemployed and federal and statewide initiatives.
  2. CWC will seek community input to identify needs and will collaborate with other entities to expand opportunities for success.
  3. CWC will be a leader and role model of diversity and inclusion for the community.



  • Ensure academic excellence
  • Provide an environment for cultural, economic and lifelong enrichment.
  • Serve as a proactive community leader.
  • Use innovation to increase access to education.


  • Student-Centered
  • Excellence
  • Learning
  • Mutual Respect and Civil Discourse
  • Diversity
  • Access
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Community Building

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Last day of classes for the Spring 2020 semester!

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Nurses Pinning

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