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Jacki Klancher

Professor of Environmental Science and Health; Director of Instruction and Research at the Alpine Science Institute; Agriculture

Jacki Klancher
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I love the students' will, courage, energy, intellect and laughter. Spending time with students, both in the classroom and in the field brings more joy than I can verbalize.”


Jacki Klancher has been an educator for more than 20 years. Originally from Patricia, Alberta Canada, Klancher has been at CWC for more than 10 years as a professor and she was integral in launching the Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition. This undergraduate research program has allowed her to integrate the classroom component of the EHS Environmental GIST and Expedition Science programs with wilderness travel and adventure.

Her previous work experience had her in the field which is something she brings to her classrooms. Klancher was a field instructor where she was a recruiting coordinator and program supervisor for NOLS. She was able to do that job throughout the US, Canada and East Africa.

Klancher worked for Biodiversity Conservation Associates where she was a seasonal field mapper in Wyoming. She also was a seasonal fire tower personnel for the Alberta Forest Service and worked for the Department of Recreation, Fish and Wildlife as a seasonal recreation tech in the province of Quebec.

Whether Klancher is leading wilderness expeditions, orchestrating student field trips to sample surface or groundwater, or conducting ecology-based treks to Yellowstone, Klancher’s goal remains fixed: to enhance student learning by providing a well-designed classroom experience supported by field-based educational opportunities.

Klancher loves to ride bikes…far! She has been riding bikes on extended journeys since she was 17. That passion is now fueling other CWC science-based expeditions, and she hopes to use back-country bike travel to help students find joy, adventure and academic advancement.

The next steps for Klancher professionally and academically include starting a doctoral program with the University of Wyoming and integrating CWC undergraduates in every step of the research and writing process.

  • Bachelor of Science in Biogeography, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
  • Master of Science in Biology, University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford, CT
  • 2016 – nominated as CWC Faculty Member of the Year for Wyoming Association of Community Colleges Trustee award
  • 2020- nominated as CWC Faculty Member of the Year for Wyoming Association of Community Colleges Trustee award