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Mike Bostick

Professor of Mathematics

Mike Bostick
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Main Campus Riverton:MAIN HALL 170

I love getting to know students and sharing my love of mathematics with them. My favorite times at CWC are spent working with students on challenging problems and watching them get excited when they discover new insights that challenge their perspective.”


Michael Bostick is passionate about learning and teaching math. Bostick is from Wyoming and graduated from Torrington High School and the University of Wyoming before joining CWC in 2010. During his time at UW he was an undergraduate research assistant in mathematics. He was also a graduate teaching assistant and adjunct instructor in mathematics at UW. Later Bostick was a mathematics content expert for Utilizing Place-based Pedagogies to Engage Real-world Watershed Investigations (UPPER Wind) professional development program.

During his time at CWC he went on the CWC Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition (ICCE) and was a member of the ground-penetrating radar team. 

Bostick said the facilities and the scenery at CWC are beautiful. 

“I enjoy being intellectually stimulated by engaging in conversations with students, faculty and staff on a variety of topics. No two days are ever the same at CWC,” he said.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time in the beautiful outdoors of Wyoming.

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics, University of Wyoming
  • Master of Science in Mathematics, University of Wyoming
  • Masters thesis: “Combustion waves with multi-step chemistry”
  • Competed in many endurance running and mountain biking races
  • Graduated from the University of Wyoming Honor’s program