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Discover limitless possibilities for a career in the outdoor recreation industry

Outdoor Recreation

Associate of Science

Learn about the business and entrepreneurial side of the outdoor recreation service industry through the Outdoor Recreation program. This program is a great launching point if you are a student eager to start your own outdoor-related small business or are seeking a career in parks, recreation or tourism. 

Best practices in training, leadership assessment, and program management will be explored, along with developing skills in understanding human development and psychology in outdoor recreation program settings and risk management. 

You'll have the option to spend up to one full semester taking wilderness-based courses with the NOLS. NOLS offers educational expeditions at remote, pristine locations in the U.S. and abroad. For more information on NOLS visit the NOLS website. 

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Intro to Environmental Science 4
Leading Adventure Programs 3
Foundations of Recreation & Tourism 3
Wilderness First Responder OR Wilderness EMT 4-9
Problem Solving OR College Algebra 3-4
Fundamentals of Statistics OR Intro. Statistics/Social Sciences 4
Choose 3 credits of PEAC from Electives listed in next tab 3



Students must choose seventeen (17) credits from the following list of approved electives:

American Indians in Contemporary Society 3
Introduction to Physical Anthropology 3
Survey of Astronomy 4
Human Life Span Development 3
Outdoor Leadership Instructor 1-5
Outdoor Education & Leadership 1-5
Mountain Environments 4
Intro to Physical Geography 3
Avalanche Lvl 1:Dsn Mkng Avlnch Terrain 1
Mountaineering 1-5
Wilderness Backpacking 1-5
Combined Expeditions 1-5
Winter Expedition 1-5
Rock Climbing 1-5
Water Expedition 1-5
River Rescue Certification 1
Environmental Ethics & Management 1-5
Avalanche Lvl 2:Anlz Snwpk & Aval Haz. 2
Introduction to Geographic Info Systems 4
Wilderness EMT 9
Skiing & Snowboarding 1
Cross Country Skiing 1
Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing 1
Whitewater Rafting/Rescue 1
Outdoor Multi-Sport 1-3
Indoor Rock Climbing 1
Mountain Biking 1
Water Safety/Lifeguard Training 1
Wilderness Navigation 1
Backcountry Skiing & Snowboarding 1
Alpine Climbing and Rescue 1

Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II 3
American and Wyoming Government 3
Oral Communications 3
University Studies 1


Total Credit Hours: 60

Get to know your instructors!

Darran Wells

Professor of Outdoor Education and Leadership

Darran Wells grew up racing mountain-bikes with his father in Houston, Texas.

Stacy Wells

Adjunct Professor of Outdoor Education and Leadership

Stacy Tostrup Wells has been teaching professionally in the outdoors for more than 20 years.

Jacob Urban

Adjunct Professor of Outdoor Education and Leadership

As an undergraduate professor, guide, program director, corporate trainer and business owner, Jake has been teaching in the outdoors for more than 20 years.

Let the adventure begin

If you have an interest in anthropology, environmental science, geospatial information systems technology (GIST), or outdoor education you can begin your studies and career on top of the Rocky Mountains as part of the Alpine Science Institute at Central Wyoming College.  

Student on glacier