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Regenerative Small Scale Farming

Our goal is to help aspiring and beginning farmers develop financially and environmentally sustainable farm businesses.

Regenerative Small Scale Farming

Associate of Applied Science Degree

People want to know where their food comes from and how it is grown. In the regenerative small scale farming program, the student will develop the skills necessary to operate a small, diversified fruit and vegetable farm. Focusing on environmentally sound crop production practices, business skills, economic viability, and social responsibility, this program prepares the student to run their own farm business or be employed in a variety of positions focusing on soil health, horticulture, and food security.

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Course Number Credits

Writing Level I (WR1)

3 credits
American & Wyoming Government (POLS 1000) 3 credits
MATH/APPM/LSCI course of choice 3 credits
Student must complete six (6) credits of general education courses distributed over two (2) different general education areas, one of which is either WR2 or ORAL.
ARTS/HUM/IT/ORAL/SOC/WR2 course of choice 6 credits
UNST : Student Success Course 1 credits

Course Number CourseCredits
AECL 1000 Agroecology

4 credits

AECL 1970 Crop Production Practicum I

3 credits

AECL 1971 Crop Production Practicum II

3 credits

AECL 1972 Crop Production Practicum III

3 credits

AECL 2025 Horticultural Science

4 credits

AECL 2100 Integrated Resource Management

3 credits

AGRI 2030 Contemporary Growing Systems

3 credits

ANSC 1010 Intro to Animal Science

4 credits

CROP 2150 Pest Identification and Management

3 credits

FDSC 1410 Food and Our Well Being

3 credits

SOIL 2010 Introduction to Soil Science

4 credits

Choose a minimum of three (3) credits from the MKT course prefix.

Students must choose a minimum of six (6) credits from the following course prefixes: REWM AGEC BIOL FDSC ANSC

Total Credit Hours: 62


The Farm and Ranch Resource Management Certificate I is designed to provide students with basic farm and ranch management skills.
The general education requirements are designed to encourage students to develop computation and communication skills utilized in the farm and ranch industry.

The certificate is designed to prepare students to develop basic analytical skills for livestock production, livestock nutritional requirements, grazing and forage management, crop rotation, strategic planning, and analyzing financial feasibility.
Total Credit Hours: 43
Explore gainful employment information, where you can find occupational information, estimated cost and time of program completion, and job placement opportunities.

Program Requirements

Course Number CourseCredits
ACCT 2010 Principles of Accounting 4
ACCT 2110 OR 
AGEC 2010
Quickbooks Accounting OR
Farm and Ranch Business Records
AECL 1000 Agroecology 4
AECL 2100 Integrated Resource Management 3
AGEC 2020 Farm and Ranch Business Management 4
ANSC 1010 Intro to Animal Science 4
ANSC 2020 Feeds and Feeding 4
CMAP 1200 OR
CMAP 1765
Computer Information Systems OR 
Spreadsheet Applications
FDSC 2040 Principles of Meat Animal Evaluation 3
REWM 2000 Principles of Range Management 3
REWM 2500 Rangeland Plant Identification 2


General Ed. Requirements

Writing Level I 3
Mathematics/APPM 3
University Studies 1



Farm and Ranch Management Certificate II is designed to provide students with basic farm and ranch management skills. 
Students are required to choose a minimum of 16 credits from the following course prefixes:

Total Credit Hours: 16

Program Requirements

Total 16

Meet Your Professors

Ethan Page

Regenerative Agriculture Faculty

Keith Duren

Instructor of Agriculture

Kyle Trumble

Adjunct Business Instructor

Douglas Nelson

Farm Manager; Agriculture