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Mountain Bike Professional

Certificate I

The Mountainbike Professional certification integrates interpretive guide skills, Wilderness First Responder training and natural resource management with bike handling and mechanic skills. The student will spend time in both the classroom and on a variety of trail systems honing group management and bike-specific coaching skills for a career in the growing fields of mountain bike guiding, instruction, and sustainable trail development. 

Our college professors are dedicated mountain bike professionals who provide students with both classroom and hands-on training in mountain bike skill development and trail design and construction.


Course NumberCourse


ENR 2150NAI Certified Interpretive Guide

3 credits

HLED 2010Wilderness First Responder

4 credits

OEAC 1288Mountain Biking

1 credits

OEAC 1380Outdoor Multisport

1 – 3 credits

ORTM 1100Bicycle Mechanic

3 credits

ORTM 2100Mountain Bike Skills Instructor 1

2 credits

ORTM 2800Outdoor Leadership

3 credits

Students choose a minimum of 4 credits from the following courses:

Course NumberCourse


EDUC 2470Outdoor Education Practicum

4 credits

OEAC 2031Combined Expeditions:

1 – 5 credits

Writing Level I (WR1)/ORAL*3 credits
MATH/APPM*3 credits
UNST  1 credits

Total Credit Hours: 30

More Information

PMBI in black with a black circle that says Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Ass. Blue background inside the circle              A green back ground with Certified Interpretive in white letters and Guide in bold yellow letters


Darran Wells

Darran was a competitive adventure racer who switched to enduro and park riding in 2014. He has been a certified professional mountain bike coach for 10 years, teaching clinics for summer camps and bike festivals as well as college students. He is also an experienced trail builder who has worked for Redbull Rampage and maintains the bikepark at the ASI Trail Lab.

Stacy Wells

Stacy has been mountain biking for 30 years and coaching professionally since 2012. She has certifications from both the Bicycle Instructor Certification Program (BICP) and Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA). She leads clinics around the Rocky Mtn West each year for Pedal Militia, the NORCO Dirt Series and Wydaho Rendezvous and the Jurassic Classic.