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Transfer Services

At Central Wyoming College, we offer the following services to provide support for students transferring to other higher education institutions. 

  • Transfer advising to students who were planning to transfer to another higher education institution.  
  • Linking with transfer schools
  • Instruction on scholarship search and application process
  • Assistance with the admission application process at other colleges/universities
  • Providing admission fee waivers for students to the University of Wyoming 
  • Guidance on how to request and submit transcripts
  • Guidance completing requirements such as immunizations records
  • Advising program major reviewing and course schedules
  • Assistance with housing options
    Assistance completing financial aid documentation
  • Assistance with financial consortium agreements at other colleges  
  • Aiding student with reverse transfer to CWC when needed
  • Skills Clinics related to financial aid, budgeting, standards of progress, and scholarships
  • Assisting students to become part of TRIO SSS at other qualifying colleges/universities
  • Reviewing articulation agreements with other colleges/universities
  • Access to 4-year institutions representatives through coordinated visits to CWC campus 


Transfer students who haven’t yet earned an Associate’s degree may be eligible to complete an associate’s while attending another college or university!

Benefits of the Reverse Transfer Program

  1. Earn the credentials you deserve. Earning an associate’s degree based on the coursework you have completed provides you with a credential that may help you with employment, promotion, and increased wages while you work towards earning your bachelor’s degree.
  2. General education requirement waiver. Students who earn an eligible associate’s degree (AA, AS, ADN) through the Reverse Transfer Program may receive credit toward completion of UW lower-division general education requirements.
  3. Determining your eligibility is free! Central Wyoming Colleges does not charge fees to evaluate your transcript(s) and other educational records to determine your eligibility for an associate’s degree.


  1. Students who transferred from Central Wyoming College to another university before completing an associate’s degree.
  2. Students who have completed the minimum number of college-level credit hours, minimum grade requirement(s), and other associate degree requirements set forth by the participating Wyoming community college(s). 
To Participate

If you are interested in determining your eligibility to earn your associate’s degree based on the coursework you have completed, email for details


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