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Learn to build a sustainable and successful ag operation


Associate of Science Degree

In this program the student will obtain business and practical skills for a sustainable and successful agriculture operation. Practical skills include feed efficiency trials, meat processing evaluation, bull testing, crop studies and more.

This program puts an emphasis on internships and professional development by utilizing co-operative work experience in the community to gain work experience in various settings including farms and ranches, agriculture supply companies, and agriculture tourism. This degree is designed for transfer to a 4-year program.

Course Number Course Credits
ACCT 2010Principles of Accounting I4
ACCT 2020Principles of Accounting II3
AGEC 2020Farm and Ranch Business Management4
BADM 1020Business Communications3
BIOL 1010General Biology I4
COMM 2010Public Speaking3
ECON 1010Macroeconomics3
ECON 1020Microeconomics3
FDSC 2040Principles of Meat Animal Evaluation3
IMGT 2400Intro to Information Management3
MATH 1400College Algebra4
MATH 2350Business Calculus4
STAT 2050Fundamentals of Statistics4
STAT 2070Intro Statistics for the Social Sciences4
Student must choose a minimum of five (5) credits from the following courses:
Course Number Course Credits
AECL 1000Agroecology4
AECL 2100Integrated Resource Management3
AGEC 2010Farm and Ranch Business Records3
ANSC 1010Intro to Animal Science4
ANSC 2020Feeds and Feeding4
REWM 1000Intro to Range Management1
REWM 1300Intro to Water Resources3
REWM 2000Principles of Rangeland Management3
REWM 2500Rangeland Plant Identification2
SOIL 2010Introduction to Soil Science4

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Writing Level I (WR1) 3 credits
Writing Level II (WR2) (in program)
American & Wyoming Government (POLS 1000) 3 credits
Student must complete six (6) credits of General Education courses distributed over two (2) different general education areas, ARTS/HUM/SOC. (SOC is in the program) 3 credits
SOC (in program)
LSCI (in program)
MATH (in program)
ORAL (in program)
UNST 1 credits

Total Credit Hours: 60

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Explore occupational outlooks for Farmers, Ranchers and Other Agricultural Managers

Meet Your Professor

Keith Duren

Instructor of Agriculture