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Software Support Specialist

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Associate of Applied Science in Software Support Specialist degree is designed for students who wish to prepare for positions as Help Desk Technician, Technical Support Specialist and Customer Service Representative. Software support specialists provide technical assistance and support for computer users. The general education requirements are designed to encourage students to develop skills such as critical and creative thinking, computation and communication, lifelong learning and technical skills, all of which are highly desirable in this career. 

Software Support Specialist, AAS is a Wyoming Works program An orange circle with a buffalo at the center. Words say Wyoming Works, learn a skill that pays, central wyoming college

Course Credits
Business Communications 3
Operating Systems 3
Introduction to Networking 3
Word Processing Applications 3
Spreadsheet Applications 3
Database Applications 3
Hardware Maintenance 4
Cooperative Work Experience I 3
Computer Network Security 3
Entrepreneurship I: Entrepreneurial Mindset 3
Human Relations 3
Managing Career Development 3

Courses selected from following program electives must be approved by major academic advisor: ACCT, BADM, BOTK, CMAP, COSC, CSEC, CPED, ENTR, IMGT, MGT, MKT.

General Electives: 3 Credits

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Course Credits
Writing Level I 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
Mathematics/APPM/Lab Science 3
University Studies 1