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Computer Science

Associate of Science Degree

Computer Science is for students who wish to pursue an interest in computer software design. Students will study methods of formulating and solving problems using current techniques, skills and tools necessary for computing practice. In addition to numerical calculations, the field includes such topics as network analysis, graphics, modeling and simulation, parallel computation and artificial intelligence. 

Computer Science, AS is a Wyoming Works Program An orange circle with a buffalo at the center. Words say Wyoming Works, learn a skill that pays, central wyoming college

Public Speaking 3
Intro to Computer Science I 4
Computer Science I 4
Computer Science II 4
Calculus I 5
Calculus II 5
Calculus III 5
Elementary Linear Algebra 3
Applied Differential Equations 3
College Physics I 4
College Physics II 4
Fundamentals of Statistics 4

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
Arts 3
Humanities 3
Social Science 3
University Studies 1


Total Credit Hours: 64