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Outdoor Program Leadership

Bachelor of Applied Science

Leadership is more than a title - it is an immersive and empowering process. Learn to manage and lead successfully within public, private, government, and nonprofit organizations. The Bachelor of Applied Science degree provides an opportunity to develop and apply skills to advance individuals both professionally and personally. The curriculum offers practical and active learning strategies needed to encourage growth in individuals and teams.

This 8-semester program offers students the ability to hike, bike, raft, climb and ski in Wyoming's expansive terrain and develop skills for a career as a leader in the outdoors. This BAS program is especially appropriate for students wishing to: start their own outdoor-related small business, manage an outdoor recreation or education program, or build a career in leadership of parks, recreation, tourism, or natural resource management.

The Outdoor Program Leadership is a degree option of the Organizational Management and Leadership Bachelor of Applied Science degree. Enjoy an active learning environment at the foothills of the Wind River Mountains in a holistic experience at CWC’s Alpine Science Institute (ASI), with the opportunity to live in student cabins and have access to trout streams, world-class rock climbing areas, and a variety of trails for hiking and biking.

Course Number Course


IMGT 2400 Intro to Information Management

3 credits

MDIA 3050 New Media Ethics

3 credits

MGT 3410 Human Resources Management

3 credits

PSYC 1000 General Psychology

4 credits

STAT 2000 Statistics and the World

3 credits

  General Electives

14 credits

*General Electives: Students must obtain approval from the faculty advisor for any courses taken to complete the requirements in this section.

Outdoor Leadership Courses

Course Number Course


ORTM 3000 Tourism Theory and Practice

3 credits

ORTM 3050 Operations, Mgmt and Env Stewardship

3 credits

ORTM 4970 Internship

1-6 credits

ORTM 4975 Independent Study

1-6 credits

Upper-Level Courses

Course Number Course


COMM 4050 Communication and Conflict

3 credits

MGT 3000 Financial Analysis Budgeting

3 credits

MGT 3005 Foundations of Leadership

3 credits

MGT 3010 Personal Leadership

3 credits

MGT 3110 Business Ethics

3 credits

MGT 3210 Management and Organization

3 credits

MGT 4005 Leading Others

3 credits

MGT 4020 Innovation Management

3 credits

MGT 4390 Management and Leadership Capstone

3 credits

PSYC 3110 Cross-Cultural Psychology

3 credits

PSYC 3200 Industrial-Organizational Psychology

3 credits

General Education Requirements CR






Oral 6


POLS - American & Wyoming Government 3


SOC (in the program) 3




Writing Level 1 3


Writing Level II 3


GEN ED Electives:
With approval by the faculty advisor, a student may choose a combination of courses with a general education designator to complete the requirements in this section.


Total General Education Requirements 30


Total Credit Hours: 120

More Information

Majors can choose to live at CWC’s Alpine Science Institute (ASI), near Lander. In the foothills of the Wind River Mountains, student cabins offer easy access to trout streams, world-class rock climbing areas, and a variety of hike and bike trails ideal for outdoor skill development. The required $250/semester equipment fee grants them access to bikes, cross country and downhill skis, snowboards, rafts, canoes, paddleboards, and climbing and camping gear.

Take the next step in your outdoor leadership journey.


Outdoor Education and Leadership

Outdoor Education at the Alpine Science Institute.

Outdoor Recreation

Learn about the business and entrepreneurial side of the outdoor recreation service industry.

Expedition Science

This unique degree is provided through a partnership with NOLS! 

Alpine Science Institute

The ASI experiential learning strategy focuses on the integration of field-based skills with Outdoor Education, Environmental Science and Archaeology.

Meet Your Professors

Darran Wells

Professor of Outdoor Education and Leadership

Darran Wells is passionate about all kinds of outdoor activities - hiking, climbing, caving, and skiing, but mountain biking is a sport he dedicates most of his free time to.

Brittany Yeates

Associate Professor of Business

Working with students gives Brittany the opportunity to invest in them the way they invest in CWC.

Tammy Forbis

Assistant Professor of Business

Tamara Forbis has worked at CWC for more than four years as an instructor for business.

Joseph Fountain

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Joseph Fountain loves psychology and hopes to excite and interest his students in it. Most people associate the field of psychology with mental disorders, but the study and science of the mind encompass so much more.

James Drake

Instructor of Business

James Drake is a Instructor of Business.