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Associate of Arts Degree

The Music Department's purpose is twofold: serve community students and serve students preparing to transfer to a university. This is accomplished through student-centered activities in performance, composition and listening. The music program and its co-curricular activities provide opportunities to prepare for professional careers in music performance and education and to participate in organized activities of a cultural and recreational nature.  Adjacent to the 942-seat theater, the music area in the CWC Arts Center is equipped with a soundproof classroom, rehearsal, and practice areas. State-of-the-art equipment is available for student use:  grand pianos, a fully-integrated digital and analog recording studio, computers for composition and practice activities, a MIDI piano lab, digital synthesis and a very large listening library.

The music faculty provides individualized instruction in Applied Music. Four-year colleges and universities often require transferring music students to demonstrate by examination, successful completion of fundamentals and performance standards in their major area.  CWC strives to prepare music students for this special examination.  In addition to the programs below, four semesters of piano study (class or private) are strongly suggested unless the student can successfully pass a piano proficiency examination.

Course Number Course Credits
MUSC 0200Convocation0
MUSC 0200Convocation0
MUSC 0200Convocation0
MUSC 0200Convocation0
MUSC 1030Written Theory I3
MUSC 1035Aural Theory I1
MUSC 1040Written Theory II3
MUSC 1045Aural Theory II1
MUSC 1055Individual Lessons:1-2
MUSC 2030Written Theory III3
MUSC 2035Aural Theory III1
MUSC 2040Written Theory IV3
MUSC 2045Aural Theory IV1
MUSC 2050Music History Survey I3
MUSC 2055Music History Survey II3
MUSC 2070Individual Lessons:1-2
MUSC 2395Piano Proficiency0

Students must choose four (4) credits from Piano classes or lessons listed below:

Course Number Course Credits
MUSC 1050Private Lessons:1-2
MUSC 1055Individual Lessons:1-2
MUSC 1290Class Piano I1
MUSC 2070Individual Lessons:1-2

Students must choose four (4) credits from Ensembles listed below:

Course Number Course Credits
MUSC 1378College Band1
MUSC 1390Jazz Ensemble I1
MUSC 1400Collegiate Chorale1
MUSC 1405Touring Ensemble:2
MUSC 1410Vocal Ensemble1
MUSC 1441Chamber Ensemble:1
MUSC 1452Handbell Choir1
MUSC 1490Piano Ensemble1

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Writing Level I (WR1) 3 credits
Writing Level II (WR2) 3 credits
American & Wyoming Government (POLS 1000) 3 credits
ARTS (in program)
HUM (in program)
LSCI 4 credits
MATH 3 credits
ORAL 3 credits
SOC 3 credits
UNST 1 credits

Total Credit Hours: 60

Meet Your Professor

Instructor of Instrumental Music/Director of Bands

Jeremy Cochran is the new music instructor at CWC and he hails from Duluth, Minnesota. Now he resides in Riverton and is ready to watch the music program grow and help students pursue their passion for music.