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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education is an approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real world problems in the above areas. The Meta Major: STEM Associate of Science (AS) degree allows students to explore the concepts from the four aspects of STEM education.

The goal of this program is to give students a strong STEM curriculum foundation, which enables them to build on and transfer to a four year institution. This transfer program will also enhance skills and competencies needed in our technology-dependent world. Students who are interested in courses related to science, technology, engineering or math but are unsure of a specific career in a STEM field are encouraged to declare this program of study.

Course Number Course Credits
BIOL 1010General Biology I4
CHEM 1020General Chemistry I4
CHEM 1045Chemical Problem Solving I1
MATH 1400College Algebra4
PHYS 1110General Physics I4
PHYS 1310College Physics I4
SOC 1000Sociological Principles3
PSYC 1000General Psychology4

MATH 1400: Students testing into MATH 2200 are NOT required to take MATH 1400, but must take an additional 4 credits bearing the MATH or STAT designator to meet the 60 credit requirement.

Student must choose twenty-four (24) additional credits from the following list:

Science Electives
Course Number Course Credits
ASTR 1050Survey of Astronomy4
ATSC 2000Introduction to Meteorology4
ATSC 2110Introduction to Climatology4
BIOL 1002Discovering Science4
BIOL 1080Intro to Environmental Science4
BIOL 2020General Biology II4
CHEM 1030General Chemistry II4
CHEM 1055Chemical Problem Solving II1
CHEM 2300Intro to Organic Chemistry4
CHEM 2420Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 2440Organic Chemistry II4
GEOL 1100Physical Geology4
GEOL 1470Environmental Geology4
GEOG 1010Intro to Physical Geography4
MOLB 2210General Microbiology4
ZOO 2015Human Anatomy4
ZOO 2025Human Physiology4
Technology Electives
Course Number Course Credits
CMAP 1650Introduction to Networking3
CMAP 1200Computer Information Systems3
CMAP 1815Database Applications:3
CSEC 1500Computer Network Security +3
GIST 2310Intro to Geographic Information Systems4
GIST 2410Advanced Geographic Information Systems4
GIST 1200Geospatial Foundations4
Engineering Electives
Course Number Course Credits
Math Electives
Course Number Course Credits
Any MATH above MATH-1400 
STAT 2050Fundamentals of Statistics4
STAT 2070Intro Statistics for the Social Sciences4
Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.
Writing Level I (WR1) 3 credits
Writing Level II (WR2) 3 credits
American & Wyoming Government (POLS 1000) 3 credits
Student must complete six (6) credits of General Education courses distributed over two (2) different general education areas, ARTS/HUM/SOC. (SOC is in the program) 3 credits
SOC (in program)
LSCI (in program)
MATH (in program)
ORAL 3 credits
UNST 1 credits
Student must complete six (6) credits of General Education courses distributed over two (2) different general education areas, ARTS/HUM

Total Credit Hours: 60