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Welcome to the world of psychology

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Associate of Arts

The Psychology AA prepares students to transfer to a baccalaureate program in psychology, social work, human services, and other social sciences. Students develop knowledge, skills, and abilities in the science of psychology, including understanding human behavior and internal mental processes. Psychology is a field with broad and diverse career opportunities, including psychotherapy, counseling, social work, case management, addictions treatment, criminal justice, health, education, and research.

Course NumberCourseCredits
BIOL 1010General Biology I4
PSYC 1000General Psychology4
PSYC 2000Research Psychological Methods4
PSYC 2080Biological Psychology3
PSYC 2210Drugs and Behavior3
PSYC 2130APA Writing Style1
PSYC 2300Psychology of Child Development3
PSYC 2340Psychopathology3
PSYC 2380Social Psychology3
STAT 2050Fundamentals of Statistics4
STAT 2070Intro Statistics for the Social Sciences4
Course NumberCourseCredits
ANTH 1100Introduction to Biological Anthropology3
ANTH 1200Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
CNSL 2300Counseling for Helping Professional3
CNSL 2330Counseling Diverse Populations3
CNSL 2340Theories of Counseling3
PSYC 1XXXAny 1000 Level PSYC course(s)1
PSYC 2XXXAny 2000 Level PSYC course(s)3
PSYC 3110Cross Cultural Psychology3
PSYC 3200Industrial Organizational Psychology3
SOC 1000Sociological Principles3
SOWK 2000Introduction to Social Work3

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Writing Level I (WR1)3 credits
Writing Level II (WR2)3 credits
American & Wyoming Government (POLS 1000)3 credits
ARTS3 credits
HUM3 credits
LSCI(in program)
MATH3 credits
ORAL3 credits
SOC(in program)
UNST1 credits

Total Credit Hours: 60

Meet Your Professor

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Joseph Fountain loves psychology and hopes to excite and interest his students in it. Most people associate the field of psychology with mental disorders, but the study and science of the mind encompass so much more.