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Associate of Arts

Psychology is the science of how people think, feel act and interact.If you enjoy the study of the human mind and human behavior you'll enjoy studying psychology. 

This transfer degree can prepare you for further undergraduate and graduate work necessary for a career in one of the many fields of psychology. The program at CWC offers you a wide range of courses that study mental processes and are designed to help students understand more about themselves and others.

Learn key concepts and theories in cognitive, emotional and social processes along with research methods and strategies for psychological assessment.


Program Requirements

Course Credits
General Biology I 4
General Psychology 4
Research Psychology Methods 4
9 credits from any 2000 level pyschology courses 9
Fundamental of Statistic or Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences 4


Course Credits
Intro to Physical Anthropology 3
Intro to Cultural Anthropology 3
Counseling for Helping Populations 3
Counseling for Diverse Populations 3
Understanding the Addiction Process 3
Any 1000 level psychology course 1
Any 200 level psychology course 3
Sociological Principles 3
General Electives 3

General Ed. Requirements

Students must complete general education requirements that will provide students a general knowledge to help them complete a degree at CWC.

Course Credits
Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II 3
Arts 3
Humanities 3
American & Wyoming Government 3
Mathematics 3
Oral Communications 3
University Studies 1


Meet your professor

Jewel Dirks
Professor of Psychology