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Rural Justice Training Center

CWC’s Rural Justice Training Center (RJTC), is committed to helping rural law enforcement agencies meet the challenges that face law enforcement today. One, simple statement — Serving the Needs of Rural Law Enforcement — comprehensively describes the important function that the RJTC serves in strengthening the law enforcement profession in Wyoming’s small towns and communities.

By utilizing innovative strategies and a variety of experienced professionals, the Center provides education and training opportunities customized to meet the needs of rural law enforcement agencies.

Virtual Firearms Training Systems (FATS) State of the art BlueFire technolgy 

  • Marksmanship training 
    • Basic fundamentals of individual marksmanship and sustainment training
    • Less lethal and non-lethal options including verbal commands, chemical spray and TASER®
  • Judgement training
    • Force escalation/de-escalation, use of force and shoot/no shoot decision making


Training Opportunities

The training opportunities provided by the RJTC are of the type and quality found in large urban areas.  The interconnectivity and interagency cooperation facilitated by the center provide opportunity for collaboration and cooperation amongst local agencies. The RJTC provides training opportunities for law enforcement professionals including but not limited to:

  • county sheriff departments
  • municipal police departments
  • county jails
  • rural jails and prisons
  • search and rescue teams
  • small fire departments

For more information, contact the Director of the Rural Justice Training Center at 1-800-735-8418 ext. 2028 or 307-855-2028.