CWC's Brains & Beauty

CWC’s Brains & Beauty

Amya Whelan and fellow cosmetology student Jenna DeClue. Photo by Sarah Elmquist Squires

Austin BeckDoss, Staff Writer | Riverton Ranger | November 22, 2023 CWC’S BRAINS & BEAUTY Amya Whelan convinced her fellow cosmetology student Jenna DeClue to give her a haircut last […]

Collaborating with local Native Tribes

Brad Tyndall | Community College Daily | November 16, 2023 COLLABORATING WITH LOCAL NATIVE TRIBES Native students at Central Wyoming College visit the base of Mt. Everest, among other locations, […]

CWC earns federal funding for Jackson campus

Sketch rendering of CWC Jackson campus

Jeanette Boner | JH News & Guide | November 8, 2023 CWC EARNS FEDERAL FUNDING FOR JACKSON CAMPUS The new Central Wyoming College campus was sketched by Denver designers Anderson […]

Central Wyoming College Receives $100,000 Metallica Grant

Metallica news

Central Wyoming College Receives $100,000 Metallica Grant Riverton, Wyo.— Metallica’s foundation, All Within My Hands, continues its multimilliondollar investment in critical workforce programs at community colleges nationwide. Among the schools, […]

CWC launched high altitude balloon Monday

High altitude balloon

Amanda Fehring | County10 | August 5, 2023 CWC LAUNCHED HIGH ALTITUDE BALLOON MONDAY CWC Professors Bill Finney and Kate Patterson along with students carefully launch the high altitude balloon […]