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Cross country gears up for fall meets

Cross country gears up for fall meets

Central Wyoming College cross country team went to Gillette August 22 to have a time trial with Gillette College. It was a cold Saturday morning for the team for the two and half mile practice run.

“For our first race of the season I was happy with the way we ran,” said Al Lara, cross country coach.

For the men’s division Clay Johnson placed sixth with a time of 12:57 with Brion Riley placing ninth with a time of 14:50.

“Gillette has a team that should easily be ranked top ten in the country for the men’s and women’s,” Lara said. “Their coach has recruited four runners from Kenya, two guys and two girls; they will be tough be beat in any meet however our number one runner Clay was only 19 seconds behind the winner. He ran great for his first race as a CWC runner.”

In the women’s division Kate Kling led the Rustler team placing eighth with a time of 19:11 followed by Abby Soliday with a time of 19:41.

“They both ran well; Abby has been getting over an injury she has had for three weeks and Kate is just getting over a virus. They will keep improving,” Lara said.

“Rest of the team needs to get in better shape for us to contend and with this being first race of the season more experience will help,” Lara said.

Women’s Division
1. Sam Harmon 15:28 GC- UNA
2. Joan Jelimo 16:36 GC- UNA
3. Rachael Zeiger 16:41 GC- UNA
4. Austin Asay 16:55 GC- UNA
5. Casey England 17:15 GC- UNA
6. Cassia Catterall 17:49 GC- UNA
7. Shanna Urlacher 18:54 GC- UNA
8. Kate Kling 19:11 CWC- UNA
9. Abby Soliday 19:41 CWC- UNA
10. Kayly Scheller 23:36 GC- UNA


Men’s Division
1. Erick Rotich 12:57 GC-UNA
2. Tre Riley 13:07 GC-UNA
3. Shawvan Levi 13:08 GC-UNA
4. Asher Catterall 13:14 GC- UNA
5. Fabian Munoz 13:15 GC-UNA
6. Clay Johnson 13:16 CWC-UNA
7. Justin Billis 14:02 GC-UNA
8. Adan Valadez 14:08 GC-UNA
9. Brion Riley 14:50 CWC-UNA
10. Cameron Collamer 14:51 CWC-UNA
11. Christian Salzman 14:52 CWC-UNA
12. James Asmus 15:01 CWC-UNA
13. Dreyson Nichols 15:08 GC-UNA
14. Kyle Blackie-Leisch 15:17 GC-UNA
15. Daniel Primi 16:21 CWC-UNA
16. Brytan Spoonhunter 16:57 CWC-UNA

The next meet is the South Dakota invite in Rapid City Sept. 4.
Brion Riley makes his way through the course.
Christian Salzman and James Amus run down the course.
Clay Johnson nearing Gillette College runner.
Brion Riley working his way down the trail.
Cameron Collamer working his way down the trail.
Salzman working his way down the trail.
Christian Salzman working his way down the trail.
Brytan Spoonhunter working his way down the trail.
Daniel Primi working his way down the trail.
Kling warming up.
Team encouragement before the race.
Christian Salzman warming up for the race.
CWC team warming up.
The start of the race.
Christian Salzman and James Asmus a the start of the race.
Clay Johnson keeps pace with Gillette runner.
Kate Kling works her way down the trail.
Kate Kling comes to the finish line.