The Central Wyoming Class of 2012 is led by five valedictorians who have earned a 4.0 grade point average while obtaining their degrees.

Matthew Ayers, Dylan Bergstedt, Melissa P. Fox, Kelli Niemeyer and Ronda Walker graduate with highest honors and front the 271 graduates who are participating in the Friday, May 11 commencement exercises in the Robert A. Peck Arts Center Theatre. The program begins at 7:30 p.m. and is televised in Riverton and Lander on Rustler TV, cable channel 5.

Ayers, Fox and Walker are all earning Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees. Ayers, a 1992 Lander Valley High School graduate who also attended the University of Wyoming and York College, is receiving a degree in computer networking technology.

Fox completed her studies at the conclusion of the fall 2011 semester in Environment, Health and Safety-Environmental Technician. The Montana native transferred credits from Montana State University.

Walker is a 1993 graduate of Wheatland High School who earned an AAS degree from Laramie County Community College in 1995. She enrolled at CWC in the fall of 2007 and has obtained a degree in fire science.

Bergstedt is one of three Lander Valley High School students who have earned their associate’s degrees as concurrently enrolled students at CWC. He will receive an Associate of Arts in General Studies.
Niemeyer is a home school graduate who is earning an AA in general studies and an Associate of Science in biological sciences.
There is a total of 308 graduates earning 268 degrees, 84 credentials and 17 certificates.

Graduating with high honors (3.75-3.99 GPA) are Celeste Barlow, Fahriddin Basitov, Lori Bench, Chelsey Conley, Darrell Creek, Brynn Foster, Joshua Green, Roger Hannum, Celia Harper, Traci Hinman, Emily Homan, Seth Hosking, Rachel Howerton, John Huckman, Megan Hughes-Phillips, Sarah Jarchow, Ryan Jevne, Jennifer Johnson, Krystal Johnson, Casey Keierleber, Franklin Lanier, Patricia Lorono, Layna Mattson, Mikki Moriarity, Cody Myers, Albert Oakley, Kristie Olmer, Hannah Osborne, Sergey Ostrikov, Elizabeth Peil, Becca Richardson, Melinda Rohland, Matthew Seats, Stephenie Summerlin, Molly Thornton, Travis Trout, Sarah Wilkins, Lee Williams and Gene Wintermote.

Graduating with honors (3.5-3.74 GPA) are Katherine Abernathy, Kristie Asay, Darian Barnes, Jennifer Barocsi, Joshua Bragg, Carl Brown, Ryan Buchmeier, Rebecca Campbell, Jill Crossley, Matthew Dripps, Robert Duran, Amber Ezell, Erick Fabrizius, Shawn Fagnant, Katherine Finnegan, Joe Fowler, Joseph Gonzalez, Jenna Hague, Kodi Hansen, Christopher Hartman, Michael Hepler, Viva Hetzler, Erik Hollaway, Kelsey Holmes, Eric Inman, Cidney Johnson,

Ali Kalenak, Avraham Katz, Breana Keith, Katie Krammer, Layton Lawrence, Jonathan MacDonald, Kelli Mann, Linda Manz, James Marshall, Aubrey Medow, Rachael Medow, Nichole Meline, Cameron Mitchell, Andrea Molen, Julee Nicol, Brynlie Nielsen, Kevin Nordenbrock, John Pedersen, Kevin Pelsinski, Kelly Phister, William Polansky, Heather Puroll,

Armando Ramirez, Brook Rogge, Brittany Rose, Jeremy Rowan, Ashley Sanchez, Christina Shatto, Justin Tattersall, Sarah Varichak, William Varner, Jessica Votruba, Richard Wells, Kyle West, Andrew Wilson, Samuel Witt and David Woolery.

Other graduates from CWC this past academic year include James Abbott Jennifer Adams, Cody Ankrom, Amie Arland, Derek Arthur, Breeana Asay, Tiffany Bader, Bethany Bappe, Vernalyn Bearing, Jami Beesley, Wendy Birt, Scott Boland, Rita Bolton, Aaron Brumbaugh, Marybeth Bulow, Janice Bush, Kayla Caines, Stuart Carlson, William Carpenter Sr., McKenzy Case, Christopher Cesko, Percy Claar Jr., Amber Clement, TeAnna Collins, Darrell Cooper, Jennifer Coughanour, Pamela Cowling, Kelsey Cox, Jessica Cramer, Jessica Crawford, Cassidy Creel, Laracel D’Andrea, Blake Davison, Tracy Dewey, Megan Dombrovski, Cori Duran,

Preston Eaton, Shadow Ehlers, William Elder, Leslee Elliott, Arthur Elliott IV, Clarisa Emerson, Cody Emrick, Georgina Enos, Nick Esposito, Anna Farris, Angelo Flores, Alison Friday, Colette Friday, Carrie Galgerud, Denise Gdula, Ashley Gibbons, JaNessa Glenmore, Sage Goff, Chance Gonka, Joshua Graham, Michael Grasmick, Laziur Hanway Jr., Christine Haukaas, Earli Haukaas, Rhonda Headley, Jennifer Hedges, Jennifer Heller, Alejandro Hernandez,

Leland Hill, Matthew Hitt, Dusty Hixson-Lobdell, John Holderegger II, Collin Hopkins, Willie Johnson, Kiersten Jones, Molly Keating, Alisha Keyworth, Jenny Knievel, Charlie Kogianes, Connie Krueger, Brandy Lacey, Colter Landis, Kaycee Lawrence, Larissa Lawrence, Danette Lawson, Melanie Linthicum, Shawna Littleshield, Skyler Littleshield, Roy Logan, Alicia Lopez-Haukaas, Michael Lorono, Brandi Loveland, Daniel Luna-Gallardo, Jaime Lunbeck, Michelle Lutz, Tom Marker, Sarah Marshall, Joshua Martin, Vicki Martin, Amanda Martinez, Pendleton Martinez,

Ashleigh Mason, Paul Mathewson, Jonathon McFall, Meagan McKenzie, Daine McNenny, Alicia McShad, DeanNa Monroe, Jeremy Moskowitz, Matthew Mueller, Melton Nelson, Kathleen Nichols, Jacki Nicholson, Eric Nowland, Alexander Ornibene, James Olson, Ricci Pacheo, Derek Page, Jennifer Parsons, Robert Palton, Alena Pointon, Betty Ann Porter, Shyanne Posey, Patti Powell, Reno Quiver, Crystal Reynolds, Kira Rojas, Toni Root, Brooklyn Schlager, Hilary Scott, Cody Sikes, Justin Simmons, Lee Simon, Devin Singleton,

Michaela Sisneros, Tristan Steckel, Jason Stevenson, Damon Sunrhodes, Emily Surrell, Zachary Tanner, Margaret Taylor, Courtney Temaat, Joy Thompson, Patricia Thorpe, Brock Tillman, Paul Toponce, Jordan Toppenberg, Kristi Trompke, Enedina Vasco, Jennifer Verley, Jacalyn Walker, Kim Washburn, Rylee Watson, Kelly White, Inez Whiteman, Susan Wiedeman-Fasse, Delina Wille, Joshua Wilson, Kathryn Wood, Katherine Woody, Meagan Wooldridge, Bridgett Woolsey, Alexander Wotherspoon, Jacob Wright, Jeremiah Wright and Ronghui Zuo.

Riverton, Wyo.— Metallica’s foundation, All Within My Hands, continues its multimilliondollar investment in critical workforce programs at community colleges nationwide. Among the schools, Central Wyoming College was selected from a competitive pool of applicants to receive $100,000 to transform the futures of students in the community.

“Central Wyoming College is excited to be a part of something that is elevating the importance of career paths where people can be really successful,” says President Brad Tyndall. “Trades, like our auto program, are so desperately needed by our communities right now. We’re incredibly thankful for Metallica’s generosity and All Within My Hands’ support.”

“Metallica’s mission to bring ‘dignity to the trades’ is aligned with Central Wyoming College’s purpose of providing high quality education in all of our trades programs,” says Lynne McAuliffe, CWC Dean of Business, Technical, Health and Safety. “We selected the Automotive Technology program to be the focus of this initiative in order to bring additional resources and attention to the demanding profession of automotive technicians.”