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Health Science

Meta Major: Health Science

Associate of Science Degree

The Health Science AS is designed to allow the student seeking an advanced degree in a healthcare field to transfer to a four-year institution for program completion. The student will have the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in general education and life science courses, while exploring areas of interest through the careful selection of elective courses that fit within a specific career path. With a Meta Major, the student can narrow their choice in major while developing an educational plan that leads to degree completion. 

The CWC nursing student working toward a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Wyoming benefits from this program, as does the student interested in a healthcare field who is unsure of a particular area of focus. The student is strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor when choosing elective courses that will meet degree requirements. 

Course Number CourseCredits
BIOL 1010 General Biology 4
CHEM 1000 OR 
CHEM 1020
Intro to Chemistry OR General Chemistry I 4
HLTK 1200 Medical Terminology 3
MATH 1400 College Algebra 4
MOLB 2210 General Microbiology 4
PSYC 1000 General Psychology 4
STAT 2050 OR 
STAT 2070
Fundamentals of Statistics OR Intro Statistics for the Social Sciences  4
UNST 1005 Student Success Course 1
ZOO 2015 Human Anatomy 4
ZOO 2025 Human Physiology 4

American & Wyoming Government 3
Arts/Humanities 3
Oral Communication 3
Writing Level I 3
Writing Level II 3


Students must choose a minimum of nine (9) credits from the following courses:

Course NumberCourseCredits
ANTH 1200 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3
ART 2010 Art History I 3
ART 2020 Art History II 3
CHEM 1030 General Chemistry II 4
ECON 1010 Macroeconomics 3
ECON 1020 Microeconomics 3
FCSC 1140 Nutrition 2
HLTK 1625 AHA BLS for the Provider 0.5
HLTK 1665 Electrocardiography Techniques 1
MEDA 1800 Phlebotomy Principles in Practice 3
NURS 1400 LPN Transition 2
NRST 1510 Nursing Assistant 4
NRST 1550 Certified Nursing Assistant II 3
NRST 1600 Medication Aide 6
PHYS 1050 Concepts of Physics 4
SOC 1000 Sociological Principles 3
ZOO 2140 Cadaver Anatomy 2


Total Credit Hours: 60

Meta Major: Health Science

Certificate I

The healthcare industry includes an abundance of in-demand occupations that suit a variety of skill sets. The Health Science Meta Major Certificate provides a common pathway for students interested in an allied health career. 

Explore gainful employment information, where you can find occupational information, estimated cost and time of program completion, and job placement opportunities. 

General Biology I 4
Intro to Chemistry 4
College Algebra 4
Medical Terminology 3
General Psychology 4
Student Success Course 1
Human Anatomy 4
Human Physiology 4


Writing Level I (WR1)/ORAL  3


Total Credit Hours: 31