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According to the Wyoming Department of Education, “The State of Wyoming established a scholarship program that rewards eligible Wyoming students with scholarship money to attend the University of Wyoming or one of Wyoming’s seven community colleges. The program provides both merit and need-based awards to eligible students, with four different tiers of scholarship funding based on varying requirements.”

The full-time award amounts for each scholarship level are identified below. For Hathaway purposes, full-time is defined as taking at least 12 non-remedial (1000 level classes or higher) credit hours each semester. Hathaway is prorated for less than full-time non-remedial enrollment.

Full-time award amounts per semester:
Honors $1,680
Performance $1,260
Opportunity $840
Provisional Opportunity $840

Honors, Performance, and Opportunity Levels:
Students who receive the Honors, Performance, or Opportunity levels of the Hathway Scholarship can receive the award for the equivalent of eight full-time semesters (96 total paid credits). These students can choose to use their Hathaway for up to four full-time semesters (48 credits) at a community college and can then use the rest of their eligibility at the University of Wyoming (UW) OR they can choose to attend UW for all eight semesters of eligibility.

Provisional Opportunity Level:
Students receiving the Provisional Opportunity levels of the Hathaway Scholarship can receive the award for the equivalent of four full-time semesters (48 paid credits) at a community college. Should students receive a certificate during those semesters, the scholarship may be extended at the community college so they can pursue an additional certificate or an Associate’s Degree. Students who earn an associate’s degree may transfer the scholarship (if they have not already been paid for 96 total credits) to the University of Wyoming to pursue a bachelor’s degree. 

Do I have to reapply for the Hathaway Merit Scholarship?
Students typically do not need to re-apply for Hathaway; however if a student did not complete/submit an application previously, did not initiate their scholarship, OR are transferring to/from another institution, the student WILL need to reapply. Summer awards are not automatic; CWC requires a Summer Hathaway application for those interested, due to the impact summer awards have on remaining eligibility. CWC students who previously received Hathaway, lost eligibility, and now believe they have regained the scholarship will need to check with the Financial Aid Office.


A separate Hathaway Application is required to begin the awarding process. For more information about the Hathaway Scholarship, students can view the website or contact their high-school counselor. While not required, students are strongly encourage to file a FAFSA as the student may be eligible for federal, state, and CWC scholarships and grants.

To learn more about eligibility requirements, go to

Each level of the Hathaway Scholarship funding is achieved through different high school requirements.

Honors – Hathaway GPA 3.5 and ACT composite score of 25 and completion of Success Curriculum

Performance – Hathaway GPA 3.0 and ACT composite score of 21 and completion of Success Curriculum

Opportunity – Hathaway GPA 2.5 and ACT composite score of 19 and completion of Success Curriculum

Provisional Opportunity – Hathaway GPA 2.5 and ACT composite score of 17 or WorkKeys score of 12 and completion of Success Curriculum

Learn more about the Hathaway Success Curriculum requirements:


College requirements to maintain Hathaway each year

According to the Wyoming Department of Education, “In addition to the four levels of the merit scholarships, students may qualify for a need-based portion of the Hathaway Scholarship. In order to qualify for the need-based portion, students must first qualify for one of the tiers of the merit-based scholarship… students must also qualify for federal financial aid [complete FAFSA]. Once students have qualified for one of the merit-based tiers of Hathaway and completed the FAFSA, students must also meet the following requirement: Have unmet financial need greater than two thousand dollars ($2,000.00).” Students must complete FAFSA for each academic year that they wish to be considered for the Need-Based Award.

According to the Wyoming Department of Education, in addition to the requirements listed in the sections below, “… a student is NOT eligible for Hathaway if the student:

  • Has not demonstrated Wyoming residency;
  • Has not graduated from an eligible Wyoming high school;
  • Is not a United States citizen or permanent resident alien who meets the definition of an eligible non-citizen under federal Title IV requirements;
  • Has not complied with United States Selective Service system requirements for registration, providing the requirements are applicable to the student (should a student be eligible to begin receiving funds for the scholarship prior to age 18 for any reason, the student must register as soon as he is eligible to do so or the student would lose eligibility.;
  • Is in default on a federal Title IV education loan;
  • Owes a refund under a federal Title IV student financial aid program or a subsequently enacted similar federal student air program;
  • Is incarcerated; or
  • Has been convicted of a felony in this state or another jurisdiction and has not been granted an exception by WDE.”

Students wishing to utilize the Hathaway Scholarship must apply prior to certain dates. Please see the following information:

  • High school students: students must apply for the scholarship within four (4) years of the date of graduation and begin using the scholarship for the next available program term.
  • Home-schooled students: students completing a home-based educational program must apply prior to age 21.
  • HSEC students: generally students receiving a high school equivalency certificate must wait to apply until their ninth (9) grade cohort graduates, but no later than four (4) years of the date of graduation for their ninth (9) grade cohort.

Please note: students must submit all application materials prior to the first day of classes for the term they wish to initiate the scholarship. Applications received after the first day of classes will be considered for the following term.

Students may transfer their Hathaway-eligible institution at any time between semesters during the eligibility window. Please notify the financial aid offices at both schools to transfer the scholarship.

Funding may only be received from one institution at a time, so students taking courses from two (or more) institutions must apply to the HOME (degree-granting) institution. A Consortium Agreement is required in these cases. Contact CWC’s Financial Aid Office for more information.

For any questions please contact Kathryn DeWitt: or (307) 855-2321.