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The Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship (KWTS) is a precursor to the Legislatively-created Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship (WTS) endowment which is intended to provide post-secondary education access through financial assistance to qualified students. 

Dividends from the endowment create (A) annual base allocations of scholarship awards issued to the College and (B) a high demand allocation to represent secondary, statewide allocation to support scholarship awards to students in high growth/high demand academic programs identified by the Wyoming Community College Commission (WCCC). Until the endowment reaches a corpus of $50,000,000, no dividends may be released in form of WTS awards.

Therefore, during the 2023 legislative session, $1,250,000 in one-time funds were appropriated by the WY Legislature to be awarded to otherwise eligible students using Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship statute, rules, and guidance, but under a different scholarship name. For the 2023-24 award year, these one-time funds are known as Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarships. 

Once the WTS endowment corpus reaches the minimum amount for dividend issuance, KWTS scholarships will retire the “kickstart” label and simply be referred to as Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarships. All other student eligibility and administrative requirements will remain the same under both scholarship programs. However, since both scholarships are separate and distinct from one another, award receipts and eligibility determinations made under the KWTS program do not carry over into the WTS program.

The $1,250,000 has been divided up between the University and the Community Colleges with each college having a different amount allocated which determines how many scholarships each institution is able to provide.


Two types of programs are eligible for Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarships:

  1. All for-credit programs (Certificates, Associates, Bachelors)

An otherwise eligible student may not receive more than $7,200 lifetime and up to $1,800 per semester at full-time enrollment for four (4) semesters. For-credit program semester awards are prorated for less than full-time enrollment status by dividing the number of enrolled credit hours on the College’s Census Day (day after 16-week semesters add/drop period ends) by twelve (12.0). Students in eligible non-credit programs are considered to be the equivalent of full-time enrolled, are not prorated for enrollment status, and may not receive more than $1,800 for any period of academic engagement that is substantially equal to, or less than, an academic semester in length. Award amounts are determined through calculation of a student’s federal need:

Cost of Attendance (COA)
– Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
– All Gift Aid*
= Need

*With the exception of a Wyoming Works Student Grant (WWSG) which is a last-dollar award as specified in statute. So if a student is eligible for both KWTS and Wyoming Works, KWTS awards are determined first, then WWSG awards are determined. Otherwise, KWTS is considered to be the last-dollar award calculated for the student.

Important Award Distinction – An eligible student may not receive more than the maximum equivalent of four (4) full-time academic terms and not receive more than a total scholarship award of $7,200. With guidance from the Wyoming Community College Commission, this means:

  • If a student enrolls and completes four full-time semesters at less than the maximum of $1,800 per semester (due to award reduction due to limited Need calculation) once these four full-time semesters are completed the student is no longer eligible for the scholarship. Statute provides no flexibility in the number of full-time terms for which the scholarship applies. The $7,200 maximum scholarship amount available only applies to those that are deemed eligible for the maximum semester allotment every full-time term for which a student is enrolled. The determining factor is the number of full-time terms, not the maximum award amount.
  • If a student does not take a full-time load during the semester, then their award is proportional to their load of courses (credits/ full-time hours standard of 12.0). A part-time student could attend more than four terms and receive a fraction of their eligible full-time award each term, but once they hit 48.0 semester credit hours(equivalent to four full-time terms), their eligibility terminates.

Funding for the Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship programs that span more than one year is subject to the availability of funds and is contingent on the State Treasurer transferring monies to the Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship Expenditure account. In the event that annual scholarship budgets are insufficient to meet demand, the WCCC and the College may prioritize awards to qualified applicants in the following order:

  • Students who receive a scholarship in the immediately preceding term
  • Students with an industry sponsorship
  • Students entering a program of study determined to be a high need or economic growth or economic development opportunity area determined by the Commission
  • Students who have not previously obtained a postsecondary credential
  • All other applicants

Funding for the Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship programs that span more than one year is subject to the availability of funds as provided by the Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship Endowment and is contingent on the State Treasurer transferring monies to the Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship Expenditure account. Any scholarship awarded by CWC is provisional until certified by the Wyoming Community College Commission and certification is not guaranteed.

Students must meet all eligibility requirements (initial or renewal) to receive a Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship:

  1. Be a US Citizen or an eligible non-Citizen who meets the definition of eligible non-citizen under federal Title IV requirements.
  2. Be at least 24 years of age by the commencement of the semester where Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship is applicable.
  3. Be a Wyoming resident and have been for a least one full calendar year prior to submitting this application.
  4. Complete an annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), have a valid Expected Family Contribution(EFC), and have federal need, as calculated by the Financial Aid Office.
  5. Not be receiving a Hathaway Scholarship for the period of enrollment where the Kickstart Wyoming’s TomorrowScholarship is applied.
  6. Agree to register, or have previously registered, for any available training assistance program with the WyomingDept. of Workforce Services, as required by the Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship program’s statute. (Note – the simple student attestation on the KWTS application suffices unless the student checks “no” on the initial application and then we must require supplemental registration confirmation from the student). If needed, a student may contact DWS at:
    5221 Yellowstone Road, Cheyenne, WY 82002
    (307) 777-86507
  7. Not owe a refund under federal Title IV student financial aid programs or a subsequently enacted federal student financial aid program, or a student financial aid program administered through the state.
  8. Not be incarcerated.
  9. Apply prior to the commencement of the semester for which the Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship is desired.
  10. Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements:
             a. For-Credit programs:
                       i. Maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0 for each semester; and
                       ii. Successfully complete at least two-thirds of all attempted credits each semester.
              b. Eligible Non-Credit programs: successfully complete the non-credit program.
  11. Once a KWTS disbursement is received, maintain continuous enrollment for not less than two academic terms in each successive academic year.
  12. Have not received a Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship for more than the maximum equivalent of four (4) full-time academic terms and not receive more than a total scholarship award of seven thousand, two hundred dollars ($7,200) – see Scholarship Awards section above for more info about these calculations. A student’s eligibility for a scholarship shall permanently terminate once the student has reached these award receipt thresholds.
  13. Students who transfer from one college to another may maintain Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarships, provided the student has not reached the maximum allowable limit of Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship receipts as specified in the Scholarship Awards section.
  14. Students who graduate from, or otherwise complete, a program may be eligible to receive scholarships if enrolled in a subsequent, next (meaning “sequential), or higher level (meaning credential ascension) program, as long as:
              a.The student is not reenrolled in, or otherwise re-attempting, the previously completed program; and
              b.The student continues to meet all eligibility requirements; and
              c.The student has not previously received the aggregate amount of scholarship authorized

The Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship, and therefore the Kickoff Wyoming’s Tomorrow scholarship statute permits appeal for failing to maintain continuous enrollment. The Wyoming Community College Commission will make available to any student who has lost the scholarship due to a lapse in enrollment an appeal process to be considered for scholarship reinstatement. Processes are clearly articulated on the Commission website and include a waiver application. The College shall refer any interested individual to the Commission.

A student required to repeat coursework or program content within a program due to failure, withdrawal, or lapse in enrollment may receive additional student scholarships for future payment periods in future semesters of enrollment for the repeated coursework or program content, subject to the maximum scholarship amount provided in law.

Students are permitted to receive Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarships for approved courses taken in combination with HOME/HOST school enrollment. Students shall apply for Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarships with the student’s HOME college’s financial aid office at any time prior to the beginning of their next semester of enrollment. CWC students wishing to use a Kickstart Wyoming’s Tomorrow Scholarship consortium agreement at CWC shall use the College’s Federal Student Aid Consortium Agreement form & procedure.


You can complete the application 100% online.

For any questions please contact DeeAnna Archuleta: or (307) 855-2150.