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English as a Second Language

ESL classes are designed to help improve general English language skills for work, everyday life and to help prepare students for mainstream college-level courses.  Our teachers care about your success and we understand that every single lesson can make a difference. Students in the program will also learn computer skills that will assist them in future employment and educational opportunities.  

To enroll in the ESL Program, come to Room 118 in the Center for the Arts during registration week to fill out an application and take a placement test.
Registration Week January 14-17, 4:30-8:30pm, Room 118
Open Registration Tuesdays, January 21-February 11, 4:00-6:00pm, Room 107
ESL Classes January 21-April 30
Awards Night Thursday, April 30, 6:30-8:30pm
Location Center for the Arts, Rooms 118 & 123 (Classrooms), Room 107 (ESL Office)
Cost Free 
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ESL Students
ESL: Levels 1 & 2 T/W/Th (3 nights)   6:30-8:30 PM
ESL: Levels 3&4 T/W/TH (3 nights)   6:30-8:30 PM


Online Learning Class ESL Levels 1-4   Web


Levels 1&2

This class will introduce basic grammar structures and everyday vocabulary that will help beginning English speakers interact better with people in the workplace and in the community. Each unit will incorporate interactive speaking, listening, and reading activities, as well as workbook exercises. Songs, holiday activities, computer literacy activities, and civics lessons will also be a part of this course. 

Levels 3&4

This class will explore advanced ESL texts based on the needs and desires of the students. Students will learn to develop fluid conversational skills, improve reading comprehension, and apply advanced grammatical constructs in writing. Holiday activities, computer literacy activities, and civics lessons will also be integrated into the course.

Online Learning for ESL

Online learning is an essential component of the ESL program which allows students the flexibility of learning English on a digital device (computer, tablet, smart phone) outside of class. Students will learn how to use the online learning website and will receive technology training in class to learn basic computer and digital literacy skills.


Language Exchange

Join our group of local members of the community in fun bilingual and cultural conversations. 

Language Exchange Partners

An ESL student will be paired up with native English speakers from the Jackson Hole community to practice English outside of class while teaching the other partner his or her native language. Pairs will go through a 1-hour training and then arrange their own meetings in the future – a chat over coffee, making a meal together, going for a hike, or skiing together. The experience is up to the pair.

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ESL Office and Classroom

240 S. Glenwood Ave.

Center for the Arts, Room 305

(307) 734-3429

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