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photo of the CWC campus front lawn with trees and green grass. The buildings are in the background
CWC Main Campus

In conjunction with the University of Wyoming and the other Wyoming community colleges, Central Wyoming College will extend spring break by one week due to COVID-19. CWC’s spring break was originally scheduled for March 16-20 with classes resuming on Monday, March 23. The extension will now last until March 27 with classes resuming on March 30.

CWC’s primary goal is to help alleviate the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that CWC’s employees, students and the community remain safe.

Our primary goal is care for the safety of CWC and the community by minimizing the chance of exposure and transmission of the disease. We will continue to implement our mission of excellence in education and prove necessary and important educational and cultural opportunities to our students and our local community. ”

The decision was made after the growing concerns and actions taken by the United States president, Wyoming’s governor and the Wyoming colleges. CWC is taking the following precautions that have been encouraged by the Centers of Disease Control and Wyoming Health Department. 

Basic hygiene practices which include regular and thorough washing of hands, keeping hands away from face, disinfecting/cleaning areas that are frequently touched, avoiding contact with individuals known to have or have been exposed to the illness, and most importantly staying home when ill. 

By extending spring break by an additional week, CWC will prepare students for distance learning. Faculty and staff will work with students on an individual basis to ensure the semester courses will be complete. While some classes may be moved to remote instruction, classes that require on-campus learning will work with students and their safety during this time. Each instructor will contact students by Wednesday morning, March 25 to share individual class details.  

“Rest assured that the safety of our students and the safety of others is our number one priority,” Dr. Tyndall said. “In cases of on-campus learning we will practice safe conduct like social distancing, clean facilities and avoiding class if you are ill.”

During the two-week spring break period, CWC’s campuses will otherwise remain open as scheduled. All college and student services will be available, and college employees will report to work as normal. Faculty will return from their one-week spring break on Monday, March 23 as scheduled. CWC’s residence halls and food service will also remain open.

If anyone has any concerns or has been in contact with someone with COVID-19 and has been on campus or at campus events please contact the following:

  • All students should contact CWC’s vice president of student affairs, Cory Daly at or 307-855-2186. 
  • Community members please contact the director of marketing, Lori Ridgway at or 307-855-2103. 
  • All employees should notify their supervisor and human resources director, Scott Miller at or 307-855-2112.  

For up-to-date information regarding campus events and information please go to