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Photo of Jenn Pfisterer and Brad Tyndall at WACCT
Photo courtesy: Laramie County Community College

Central Wyoming College nursing student Jenn Pfisterer won Student of the Year at the Wyoming Association for Community College Trustees award ceremony on Feb. 7 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Each community college in Wyoming has the opportunity to submit a nominee for Student of the Year, each college submitted a nominee this year.

“I was very surprised that I won,” Pfisterer said. “When looking at all the other students’ biographies, I thought they were all amazing and deserved to win. So it was a very big surprise.”

Pfisterer who is a non-traditional student attributes her success to her fellow classmates, who push her as much as she pushes them to be successful.

“There are a lot of other students that deserve this honor as well because I know how hard they work and how many other things life throws at them,” she said. “We really have become an odd little family.”

Pfisterer said her nursing student family have all gone through stress, political debates and mood swings much like a normal family does but just like most families they are all rooting for each other and help each other.

“We are all a team and work our butts off to succeed in this program,” she said. Pfisterer also credits her family; a husband and four young children, to her success.

“Their support has allowed me to focus on school and be the best I can,” Pfisterer said.

“Central Wyoming College is excited to be a part of something that is elevating the importance of career paths where people can be really successful,” says President Brad Tyndall. “Trades, like our auto program, are so desperately needed by our communities right now. We’re incredibly thankful for Metallica’s generosity and All Within My Hands’ support.”

“Metallica’s mission to bring ‘dignity to the trades’ is aligned with Central Wyoming College’s purpose of providing high quality education in all of our trades programs,” says Lynne McAuliffe, CWC Dean of Business, Technical, Health and Safety. “We selected the Automotive Technology program to be the focus of this initiative in order to bring additional resources and attention to the demanding profession of automotive technicians.”

I really want other moms and non-traditional aged students to realize they can go back and learn just as much, if not more than traditional-aged students. It isn’t a handicap to be the non-traditional student in the class. I think just telling as many people as I can they if they work hard and put in the time and effort they can do it. It’s all about dedication. ”

Pfisterer manages to balance her home life, with four young children, school and managing her husband’s businesses but her devotion doesn’t end there. She is the vice president for the CWC nursing association, she organized Thanksgiving baskets for those in need through the Christian Food Store and led a bone marrow registry drive on campus which has now become an annual event. She is currently organizing a trip to Haiti to participate in a cultural exchange and service experience in which they will perform health assessments side-by-side with Haitian healthcare providers.

“Jenn is a great asset to our nursing school community. Her helpful nature and intelligent insight help any difficult topic become comprehensible,” said Kate O’Connell, a nursing student. “She is a born leader and a great team player. She is a great representative of what a non-traditional student should be.”

Pfisterer is concurrently enrolled at the University of Wyoming and is on track to finish a baccalaureate degree in nursing just a few months after she finishes the ADN at CWC.

“Jenn is the epitome of the student who inspires us all at the community college to come to work each day,” said Brad Tyndall, CWC president. “Refusing to be deterred by her life circumstances, she pursues her education with tremendous ambition and leads her peers and her community by example. It is always the right time to pursue an education.”