Portrait of Alise Prestrud

Alise Prestrud is a third-year student from Jackson graduating in December with a degree in range management.

Prestrud has a passion for working with animals and conserving wildlife. She wants to help promote the importance of keeping rangelands available rather than developing on them.

“With that degree, I can work with the BLM or go back to Jackson with Game and Fish,” Prestrud said.

The financial benefits, nice campus and kind people sparked Prestrud’s interest in CWC. An added bonus was the film program offered, which would allow her twin brother to attend college here as well.

When Prestrud isn’t enjoying the outdoors, watching movies or dancing, she is participating in the CWC Agriculture Club, which she was instrumental in creating.

I wanted to see it going, so I’m a little sad I’m leaving. ”

After graduation, Prestrud plans to transfer to the University of Wyoming to finish the range management degree.

Prestrud was nominated by Lisa Appelhans, tutor/skills coach for Student Support Services.

“Alise is a conscientious student who recognizes the strengths she has that make her a successful college student,” Appelhans said. “She recognizes areas where she can grow and develops plans to improve those areas.  When she puts those plans into action, is able to experience positive outcomes.”