Duncan retires after more than 25 years

Duncan retires after more than 25 years

Marilu Duncan and Joel Kindle
Duncan and co-worker Joel Kindle

Originally from Mexico City, Duncan moved to Riverton after meeting her husband Tom, who was originally from the Lander area. The two met in Mexico while he was there teaching education communication and media in a center for teaching improvement, part of the Mexican Department of Education. He became her grant writing adviser and the relationship blossomed over time.

Duncan was living in a nice colonial city in Mexico the first time she visited Riverton.

“I thought this was the most horrible town I had ever seen in my life,” Duncan said. “You have to be out of your mind to come to live here.” This statement, she said was not funny but a great lesson for her because after living here for more than 31 years she loves Riverton and the great life her and her husband built together.

The lesson? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover! ”

The couple moved to Riverton just before their first son was born.

Before Duncan was the director for Student Support Services, a position she served for since 2001 up to her retirement, she worked in other various positions at the college. She taught Spanish in 1990 and later taught interpersonal communications and small group communications. She also worked in the ABE/GED/ESL program and in the fall of 1999 Duncan worked as the curriculum coordinator for the Gear Up program.

Now that Duncan has retired she said she doesn’t have a bucket list or any specific plans.

“I have never invented my own life from scratch,” Duncan said. “The one I am concluding, was built by my decisions along with decisions made by my parents, teachers, work supervisors and social expectations of me. I am about to start a life designed by me with two main purposes in mind, to enjoy everyday learning, discovering having fun and sharing and to help others do the same.”

Duncan has bachelor’s degree in social communication from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and a master’s in adult education from the University of Wyoming. She has touched the lives of many students and helped them with their path to succeed.