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Student Profile: Michael Lance

Student Profile: Michael Lance

Student Profile Graphic of Michael Lance

Why did you choose CWC?
I chose CWC because it is the only college in the State of Wyoming that offers a computer technology program that focuses on the real world application of hardware and software as opposed to a college which offers computer science which is more theoretical and development oriented.

What are you Studying?
I am studying computer technology in pursuit of an associates degree in applied science.

Where are you from?
I am from Pinedale Wyoming

What kept you here at CWC?
The enumerable opportunities to earn job experience in my field whilst pursuing my degree.

How has CWC impacted you?
CWC has made a much more confident problem solver and communicator.

Favorite thing about CWC?
My favorite thing about CWC is the open schedule that allows me to make my day my own instead of following meticulous schedule of high school.

Future Plans?
I plan to begin my career in IT with hopes of becoming an network engineer or systems administrator.