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CWC celebrates National TRIO Day

Central Wyoming College

CWC celebrates National TRIO Day

National TRIO Day

Central Wyoming College Student Support Services will join hundreds of colleges and
universities across the nation to celebrate the 38th anniversary of National TRIO Day on
Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

National TRIO Day is a day to recognize the achievements of the federal TRIO programs, which provide educational opportunities and support for low-income, first-generation students and students with disabilities.

The TRIO Student Support Services program at Central Wyoming College serves over
375 students annually. Unlike student financial aid programs, which help students
overcome financial hurdles to higher education, the TRIO programs recognize the
importance of overcoming all barriers to success. These programs provide academic
advising, tutoring, mentoring, financial aid assistance, college preparation, career
exploration, and cultural enrichment activities for eligible students.

As the official National Day of Service for the Federal TRIO Programs, TRIO Day is an
opportunity to focus on increased investment in first-generation, low-income students.
Enacted by a Congressional Resolution in 1986, National TRIO Day calls citizens from
all walks of life to unite to promote educational access and success in communities
where TRIO Programs continue to create change. By providing students, professionals,
alumni, and affiliates the chance to contribute through community service, TRIO Day
celebrates the lives transformed by college access and success.