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Alumni Spotlight - Ramesh Sedhain

Central Wyoming College


Ramesh Sedhain

Ramesh Sedhain
AS Physical Science, 1994

Ramesh Sedhain came to CWC in 1992 and was excited to share the following information about his time here.
“I came to the US in 1992 to attend Central Wyoming College in Riverton, Wyoming as an international student from Nepal. At the age of 18 with limited English-speaking skills, most importantly, I learned how to survive on my own and
experienced adapting to a new place and new culture at CWC.

I have so many good memories from my days at CWC. I had great teachers (Mr. Roger Milton for Math; Mr. Corey for
Physics; Dr. Hawk for Chemistry etc.) and supporters (Dr. McFarland – President at the time; Dr. Waheed – Dean at the
time; Dr. Jewel Dirk – Student services etc.). Because of the love and support I received from CWC faculty and friends, I
was involved in multiple activities (elected in Student Senate 1993-1994, member of Activities club and International
Student President). The work I did at CWC also helped me to secure an International Scholarship at Michigan Tech to
continue toward a bachelor’s degree. 

I have fond memories of working at CWC maintenance during summer, receiving Student of the Year award in 1993, running for student senate, attending Pow Wow function, tutoring fellow students at the library on the second floor and working as lab assistant at Chemistry lab etc. I learned to walk on snow (I have never seen snow before); how to say “Howdy” and “what’s up” and how to react to those questions! The core skills (hard work, integrity, teamwork) that I learned at CWC continued with my academic career (staying on top of school, involving myself in different activities at school and having a good time with friends) etc. I am interested to know how CWC has grown and the advancement in science and engineering fields. 

After CWC, I attended Michigan Technological University and obtained a BS in Chemical Engineering in 1997. After graduating, I started my career as an engineer at Alcon manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas. I have over 24 years of pharmaceutical / medical devices manufacturing experience in quality and engineering at multiple facilities for Alcon/Novartis, Nestle and Bausch & Lomb including 3 years international expat assignment in Singapore to start up construction and validation for a new aseptic manufacturing facility. While working full time, I continued higher education and received M.S. in Environmental and Public Health from University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in 2004 and M.B.A. from University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium in 2012. 

Currently, I am Quality Director at Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceutical overseeing manufacturing Facilities in Clearwater, Florida and Warsaw, Poland. I am also pursuing a Doctorate degree in Business Administration from University of South Florida in Tampa and expected to graduate by 2025. I live in Tampa Florida with my wife Rosy and 2 kids (Reva – 16 years old daughter in 10th grade and Regis – 11 years old son in 5th grade).”