Portrait of Tanner Denton

Tanner Denton is a sophomore from Gillette majoring in film.

While in high school, Denton found a passion for creating films. He often made movies with friends and edited them in iMovie. Denton finds encouragement in things he sees in cinema that he finds valuable. In a time of repetitive movies, he appreciates unique ideas and creations that are meant to inspire.

Denton found himself drawn to CWC to experience its unique film program. This gave him the opportunity to study a subject that is not offered anywhere else in Wyoming. He appreciates the chance to learn from extremely insightful professor, Jeremy Nielsen.

I think he’s very knowledgeable on many aspects in film, and I aspire to get to that level someday. ”

Denton is using his time at CWC to guide his future plans for when he graduates. He is hoping to figure out where he wants to go and what he wants to do with his film degree. He has hope for a future performing creative work, away from an office setting, where he will have the freedom to utilize his skills.

Denton was nominated by Laura Phagan, publications coordinator for CWC.

“Tanner has been a great addition to the marketing team as our video editor,” Phagan said. “He is creative and fun-loving and he brings a unique perspective to all marketing projects.”