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photo of alumnus Marco Iachini

After coming to Riverton as a high school foreign exchange student from Teramo, Italy, Marco Iachini decided to attend Central Wyoming College because he liked the community so much. 

“I already knew the city and had loads of great friends here,” he said. “I’ve had a few host families that made me feel at home while being away from my real home.”

In his initial pursuit of an international business degree, Iachini began taking administrative courses. From there, he relied on the direction of several instructors to ensure he was on the right path.

Following the guidance and advice my professors gave me made a big difference in better understanding what I was heading toward. ”

Marketing professor Beth Gray was one of the teachers he remembers most fondly.

“She was probably one of the most energetic people I’ve ever met,” he said.

Even though Iachini graduated nearly a decade ago, the retired professor said she remembered him like it was yesterday. 

 “Sometimes you have students who stick in your head because they make class fun—and it’s kind of hard to make economics fun,” Gray said. “He was intelligent, interested in the subject matter, funny and quick-witted. I would have taken a hundred students who were just like him.” 

Because Iachini had always dreamt of studying and playing basketball in the United States, he looked forward to joining the college team. Coach Stevens relied on Iachini’s connection to the community as they reinstated the program for the first time in nearly two decades.

“Marco was a great team guy, a great teammate,” Stevens said. “Even though he was from Italy, he had spent some time in Riverton, so he did have some local ties which was nice for the program as we tried to establish ourselves in the county and town.”

That year, the team finished 19-11 and tied for first in the sub-regional conference championship, and Coach Stevens recognized Iachini’s contributions both on and off the court. 

“You knew back then he would be really successful in whatever path he chose in his life,” Stevens said. “He was a tremendous asset in our program.”

Iachini went on to receive his bachelor’s in business administration and finance from the University of Wyoming. After, he became interested in investments while working for a local Wells Fargo branch. This ultimately led him to pursue a Master of Science in Applied Finance from Washington University in Missouri. While he attended many of his master’s courses were at the university’s partner institute in Singapore. 

Iachini moved to London to work as an international private bank Investment Advisor after he earned the degree. In 2018, he returned to Asia, where he currently works as an Associate Director Cross-Asset Investment Strategist in Singapore.

While he has traveled far from the states, Iachini still remembers his time in Wyoming fondly. 

“I think of the warmth and hospitality of CWC and Riverton’s community as a constant throughout my college experience,” he said. “I never knew I would make so many long-lasting friendships and that the counsel and love from everyone would still help me make big life decisions nowadays.”

Overall Iachini describes his time in the state as “simply fantastic.”

“You can ask all my friends from the various stages of my life – if there is one constant, I always talk about it’s my days in beautiful Wyoming.” he said, “Great people, amazing outdoors, honest and serene lifestyle…plus people know how to have fun. I’ve had to buy perhaps one too many coats, but that’s just part of the experience.”