portrait of CWC student Stormi Adams

Stormi Adams is a sophomore at CWC. Stormi would like to be an OBGYN/women’s health nurse and is currently obtaining her pre-requisites for the nursing program.

“I want to offer comforting experiences for women and make sure they feel good when they come to the doctor,” Adams said.

Stormi chose CWC because of its nursing program after hearing positive experiences from other nursing students.

I thought about being a nurse when I was in high school, but I never expressed that; I didn’t think I was smart enough or fun enough to be a nurse. I’m my own worst enemy but last spring I sat down and I really thought about why I wanted to do and I just did it. ”

Her plans are to get into the nursing program, graduate and then stay in area and work in the healthcare system. One of her favorite classes is anatomy and enjoys her instructor, Tara Womack.

“She is wonderful because she is friendly and always willing to help,” Adams said. “The way she teaches really helps me understand.”

Adams is a social media ambassador for CWC and in her free time she works at Sweetwater Garden, studies and enjoys hanging out with her dog and mom.

Adams was nominated by Womack.

“Stormi is a model student. She attends every class, comes fully prepared and she participates in class discussions,” Womack said. “I’m really impressed with her work ethic.”