photo of CWC student Daynon Weaver

Danyon Weaver is a sophomore at CWC from Thermopolis, Wyoming. Weaver plans to graduate this summer with a degree in radio broadcasting. He chose CWC not only because it was close to home but it had the degree program he wanted.

“I have an excellent voice and I wanted to put it to good use,” Weaver said. He started to gain his interest in broadcasting when he helped his high school make the morning announcements.

“I wanted to improve my skill,” Weaver said about attending college.

After graduation Weaver plans to find a job at a radio station in promotions or journalism. His advice to incoming freshman is to research voice talents like Robin Williams.

In his free time he enjoys playing video games.

Weaver was nominated by Lisa Appelhans, financial/tutor coordinator for TRIO Student Support Services.

Since Daynon enrolled at CWC, he has grown as a student and a CWC community member. He has his own radio show and has included several different topics including history and health tips in his shows. Daynon is supportive of different student groups and clubs on campus, attends many different college functions and works to develop relationships with CWC students and faculty. ”