Students to attend the National Association of Broadcasters conference

Students to attend the National Association of Broadcasters conference

photo of Central Wyoming College students in front of the NAB show sign in Las Vegas during the NAB conference 2015
CWC students at the 2015 NAB conference

Central Wyoming College professors John Gabrielsen and Jeremy Nielsen will take 15 students to Las Vegas to the National Association of Broadcasters conference April 23-27.

“I just honestly think this is a chance of a lifetime to see something you have never seen before,” Gabrielsen said. “The smallest of the three convention buildings is larger than the CWC Student Center. The students will be able to see anything and everything related to radio, film and television broadcasting.”

Students will be able to visit various booths; some that are set up much like a theater with more than 100 seats. There is also a drone pavilion which is a great place to look at new technology that is used with drones. These are only some of the things that these students will see while at the NAB conference. Gabrielsen said Sony also have on display an 8K theater. The 8K theater is on display to show consumers the new and innovative products that are soon to become available. The 8K display also has the crisp and clean picture. Many of the televisions that consumers see are only 4k.

 “We will all be staying at New York New York, it’s in the middle of the strip and there is transportation to and from the conference,” Gabrielsen said. While the students are not in the conference they will be able to explore the strip.

I’m very excited to go to NAB. I am really looking forward to discovering new equipment and obtaining a working knowledge of how the hardware and software within a radio station works. ”

“Normally people do not buy products from this convention, but there is the opportunity to talk to the people who make the products and use them on a regular basis,” Gabrielsen said. “There is enough stuff there to keep, you busy from 9am to 4pm every day.”

Gabrielsen really learned about this convention when he worked for a local radio station KTAK KVOW and has been attended the conference for only a few years. Nielsen has been attending this conference for more than five years. He attest that this conference is a great way for students to learn about new equipment and be able to ask questions from the inventors. 

“We had an issue with a piece of equipment while filming a couple of year ago and the students who went to the conference were able to meet with the inventor to resolve the issue,” Nielsen said. 

Both professors agree that this conference is a great way to show students new and exciting things coming up in the broadcasting field it’s a great learning tool for the students.