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CWC Golf Team

Thirty-two Central Wyoming College athletes were awarded Region IX Academic Awards for maintaining a grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 or higher and 18 athletes were NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Award Winners requiring a minimum of 3.6 to 3.79 GPA for Third Team, 3.8 to 3.99 GPA for Second Team and 4.00 GPA for First Team. Five teams have been nominated for NJCAA Academic Team of the Year including men’s basketball and golf, and women’s basketball, golf, and volleyball.

I’m so proud of our students, coaches and our Athletic Director Steve Barlow. I’m glad that they all strive for character development and academic excellence in addition to quality and success on the court or field. ”

“It is very impressive that so many of our student athletes are able to manage both their athletic and academic workloads and be so successful. This is an example of how well our students, coaches and faculty work together for student success. The bottom line is that our athletes are here to get the best education they can and we are all dedicated to making that happen,” Barlow said.

2016-17 NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Award Recipients:

 First Team (4.00 GPA):

  • Myriah Fauber, women’s basketball
  • Bailey Forney, women’s basketball, women’s volleyball
  • Sierra Hernandez, women’s basketball
  • Christopher Quayle, men’s basketball
  • Kaleb Spiva, men’s golf
  • Jacob Stoinski, men’s golf

Second Team (3.8-3.99 GPA):

  • Nick Brannon, men’s basketball
  • Alihan Demir, men’s basketball
  • Kassi Falslev, women’s volleyball
  • Hattie Hix, women’s volleyball
  • Kyla Paulus, women’s basketball
  • Alexis Pickerd, women’s basketball
  • Benjamin Stoinski, men’s golf
  • Drew Switzer, men’s basketball
  • Brooklenn Thompson, women’s volleyball

Third Team (3.6-3.79 GPA):

  • Alyssa Barkhurst, women’s volleyball
  • Haylee Hoffman, women’s volleyball
  • Jessie Underberg, women’s basketball

2016-17 Region IX Academic Award Recipients:

Men’s Golf

  • Jarrett Barr
  • Kaleb Spiva
  • Ben Stoinski
  • Jacob Stoinski
  • Kolbey Wells

Women’s Golf

  • Tara Cottrill
  • Kendra Miller
  • Sarah Schroefel

Men’s Cross Country

  • James Asmus
  • Tyler Ellicott

Women’s Cross Country

  • Rebekah Hutchison
  • Jessica Stewart

Men’s Basketball

  • Nick Brannon
  • Alihan Demir
  • Chris Quayle
  • Drew Switzer

Women’s Basketball

  • Atajma Criss-Felton
  • Myriah Fauber
  • Bailey Forney
  • Sierra Hernandez
  • Amanda Mitchell
  • Kyla Paulus

Women’s Volleyball

  • Alyssa Barkhurst
  • Andjela Cutovic
  • Kassi Falslev
  • Bailey Forney
  • Myah Gillespie
  • Madison Gines
  • Hattie Hix
  • Haylee Hoffman
  • Kenisha Muehler
  • Brooklenn Thompson
  • Bailey Wilson