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photo of CWC president Brad Tyndall in front of the Teton mountains

Central Wyoming College President Dr. Brad Tyndall announced March 11 that he will undergo cancer treatments. The announcement was made at the March Board of Trustees meeting.

Tyndall, who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma a few weeks ago, will start treatments immediately. During his recovery, Dr. Tyndall plans to work remotely so he can continue his presidential work. 

“CWC is fortunate to have the leadership team that it does right now,” he said. “In the times that my presidential appearance is required Dr. Kathy Wells will attend in my sted.” 

Tyndall plans to take the necessary precautions to ensure a full recovery. Throughout the next four months, he will receive treatments that will leave his immune system compromised.

It’s important for Dr. Tyndall to stay relatively isolated during his recovery time to protect his immune system. We want him to have a healthy recovery, not only for CWC but for his family and friends. ”

CWC leadership has already started to prepare for the absence of Dr. Tyndall. Dr. Wells, vice president of academic affairs will be the presidential liaison in his absence. Other duties will also shift to help with presidential duties between cabinet members. 

“This is a time when we all need to pull together and work as a team to help Dr. Tyndall recover,” Ridgway said. “Our leadership cabinet has been working together for several years now and we are blessed to have a strong and diverse team that is dedicated to the college and the communities we serve. We have wonderful employees, innovative technology and systems, and a lot of exciting projects ahead of us.”

During Dr. Tyndall’s recovery, the college will continue to forge ahead with the strategic goals it has set this spring and the upcoming fall semester. 

“Our daily applicant count is 31% higher than last year,” Dr. Tyndall said. “That’s really exciting news. We are all doing great things at CWC and even though I have this personal hurdle, I look forward to a quick recovery and diving back into our future goals.”

“The Board is quite confident that Dr. Tyndall and his staff will continue to move forward and manage the college with the same dedication they have always given,” Board Chair Carlton Underwood said. “We wish Dr. Tyndall and his family the best in the upcoming months.”