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The distance learning course, titled Entrepreneur Essentials, will provide educational tools to help Wyoming entrepreneurs realize their dreams of launching and growing successful businesses.  The 4-week class will focus on the core questions entrepreneurs must answer to start and grow their businesses. 

Sandy Hessler, the lead instructor, says “Entrepreneur Essentials was developed from the 10-week Startup Intensive (SUI). 100 people have graduated from SUI, one of the most successful entrepreneurial programs in the state. We are excited to test a modified course that still allows for a collaborative, interactive experience for entrepreneurs in cities across Wyoming.”

Entrepreneur Essentials will teach Wyomingites to:

  • Identify and Communicate a Business Vision
  • Development an Idea into a Concept 
  • Identify Customers
  • Develop a sound/strong Business Model

 Why this partnership, why now? Through the ENDOW Initiative, we learned about the economic challenges and opportunities facing Wyoming today and in the future. To grow the Wyoming economy, Wyoming entrepreneurs need access to entrepreneurial education. Entrepreneur development is the heart of any ecosystem’s entrepreneurial culture and momentum.

When presented with the opportunity to pilot a new teaching model, Dean David Sprott, of UW’s College of Business evaluated the successes of the CWC model and thought partnering could provide the data and entrepreneur feedback needed to set up a full program. “We believe in the power of partnerships to strengthen entrepreneurial education around Wyoming. SUI has a proven, six-year track record in the education space, and many successful businesses launched and relaunched. When they approached us about the idea of a pilot, we believed this would be a great place to start the process. We are excited to share this learning process with all the stakeholders in the entrepreneurial space including other community colleges, WEDA, SBCD, and the Wyoming Business Council.”

SUI program has graduated 100 entrepreneurs in the last six years from Wyoming. Those entrepreneurs have created approximately 100 jobs at an average annual salary of $40,000. SUI has added $4,000,000 in revenue to the northwest regional economy.

For more information, contact Liza Millet at 307-733-7425 or

We at Central Wyoming College believe in the power of entrepreneurs to have a profound and positive impact on the economy. When Sandy and Liza approached, nearly seven years ago, we decided to try something. Today, we are excited to test this course statewide and continue to expand partnerships. ”