Rustler Spotlight-Abra Moore

Rustler Spotlight-Abra Moore

photo of student of the week Abra Moore

Abra Moore is a sophomore studying pre-engineering. Moore had been working at Wyoming Life Resource Center for ten years when an injury prevented her from returning to the work force. It was during vocational rehabilitation when the option of going back to school was an option for her.

“After being away from education I wasn’t sure I would like it,” Moore said. “I knew it was going to be tough with math but I decided to take the challenging route.”

Moore said she really enjoys college. She knew she wanted to pursue an engineering degree but wasn’t sure what it all entailed, it wasn’t until her introduction to pre-engineering that she wanted focus on the possibility of doing chemical engineering.

“I love chemistry. Now I have a single focus,” Moore said.

Moore will graduate in May and has plans to transfer to the University of Wyoming but has other colleges that offer chemical engineering in the back of her mind as well. She said she loves the sense of community here at CWC and enjoys the enthusiasm of the faculty.

Everyone here is so encouraging. ”

In her free time Moore is an avid computer gamer who also enjoys knitting, crocheting, music and reading.

Moore was nominated by her professor Mike Bostick who said, “I have had the pleasure of having Abra in several classes and she is a joy. She is very engaged in learning, is a hard worker, always has a positive outlook and is an excellent tutor.”