CWC Graduate Find His Niche in Computer Technology

CWC Graduate Find His Niche in Computer Technology

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Grant St. Clair was born in 1994 to the late Leland “Lib” St. Clair and Ruby McGill St. Clair. He attended Fort Washakie Elementary and later Flandreau Indian High School in Flandreau, South Dakota where he graduated in 2012.

After earning a certificate from Central Wyoming College in computer technology in May 2015, St. Clair decided to continue his education to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in computer technology. He graduate the following May and was awarded the Native American Scholar for the 2015-16 academic year.

St. Clair said he credits Professor Matt Herr for supporting him while he attended CWC but computer technology wasn’t St. Clair’s first choice; he began his academic career in 2012 as a music major with a goal to someday write music for television and radio shows.

Student Support Services also played a big part in St. Clair’s academic life and after taking an assessment test the results made him think of a new degree path.

“We do assessments and he scored really high on information processing which is how students use imagery, organizational strategies and reasoning skills to build bridges on what they know and what they learn in class,” said Lisa Appelhans, student support services counselor.

Computer technology is a good fit for him and he will have a successful career. ”

During his time at CWC, St. Clair could often be found in Herr’s computer lab working on computers and helping students with any issues they had on their computers.

“He was a really good student and was always there to help,” said Paula Hartbank, student support services education coordinator. “He kind of found himself here at CWC and found a perfect fit for his future.”

Now St. Clair is working in the information technology department at Indian Health Services in Fort Washakie.