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Meet CWC’s Cross Country Team

Meet CWC’s Cross Country Team

Central Wyoming College students are starting to trickle to campus. The cross-country team started practicing August 3. This is Central’s second year for cross country in NJCAA Region IX.

Coach Al Lara has the team up and running every day from 9-11 am and when school starts the team will be practicing in the evenings.

“The team has good unity; they have become a close little family in a short amount of time and have really been helping each other,” Lara said.

This year the team currently has 16 members; three from Fla., one from Neb., one from Colo., one international student from Nigeria and the rest from Wyo.

“I’m very excited to see the numbers of student athletes this year and I’m please at Coach Lara’s recruiting efforts,” said Steve Barlow, athletic director.

The team will have their first meet at Gillette College on August 22.

International Student Spotlight

Kayode Ibidun is from Kaduna, Nigeria; a city of about six million. He is the youngest of six with one brother living in Belize.

“I think during Christmas break I will have a chance to visit him. I have never been to Belize,” Ibidun said. Ibidun has ample time to communicate with his family and says he tries to visit through Skype. His mother is a retired police officer and he lost his father this past April.

“My mother is happy that I am here and wants me to get a good education so I can have a good career,” Ibidun said.

Ibidun will be studying computer science and wants to return to Nigeria after completing his degree. Among his talents, Ibidun speaks six different languages; English, Hausa, Yoruba and Igala just to name a few. There are about 521 different languages spoken in Nigeria.

Welcome to Central Wyoming College 2015-16 Cross Country Team!


               Abbie Soliday


               Bryon Riley


               Brytan Spoonhunter


               Cameron Collamer


               Clay Johnson


               Dalton Perkins


               Daniel Primi


               James Asmus


               Kate Kling


               Kayode Ibidun


               Matt Amos


               Sam Tanner


Ibidun showing his Nigerian style!