Original theater scripts are once again rehearsed and staged in a marathon-style event at Central Wyoming College on Saturday, Sept. 21.

For a third year, CWC mounts 4 (or more) in 24, where multiple casts rehearse at least four original, short productions in a non-stop 24-hour period and presents them on the main stage of the Robert A. Peck Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. Directing, set building, costume creation, lighting design and acting come together in just one day.

Only 100 seats are placed around the stage, surrounding the actors on three sides. “It’s a one-time only event,” said CWC theater director Mike Myers. “If you miss this one performance you’ll never get a chance to see it again.”

Proceeds from the $4 tickets, available from the CWC Box Office in advance or at the door, are used to purchase materials for scenery, props and costumes and to feed the more than 30 participants who prepare for the production for a solid 24 hours.

At least four scripts are selected by a panel to produce, and Myers selects four students with previous experience as the directors. The directors, who get to preview the script one day ahead, select the actors by pulling names from a hat. Other participants work on the technical side hanging lights, finding costumes and lights.

Once the actors and crew come to the Arts Center they are not allowed to leave until after the shows are finished and the theater is cleaned up. Myers is the only who can venture out so to make necessary purchases. Last year, participants brought sleeping bags to catch short naps.

Myers said the experience is so great for the students that he has several graduates now at the University of Wyoming returning to participate in this year’s show.

He believes theater aficionados will appreciate the hard work of the cast and crew and emphasizes all of the scripts used are original.

“Some of the scripts are quite good,” the director said, explaining the show serves as a workshop for the playwrights wanting to take their work farther. “There is no other place in the region that performs all original scripts.”

The CWC Box Office, located adjacent to the Arts Center Gallery, is open weekdays from 3-6 p.m. Tickets may also be purchased online at It is suggested season ticket holders call the box office at 855-2002 in advance to hold their seats.