Former Central Wyoming College Foundation President Joe Geraud is one of four University of Wyoming alumni being honored during UW Homecoming activities Oct. 12. He and three others will receive Distinguished Alumni Awards.

Geraud earned his juris doctorate from UW’s College of Law in 1950, graduating at the top of his class. He has served his alma mater, his state and his nation in several capacities during a lengthy legal career.

Geraud returned to the university in 1955 as a faculty member. He taught full time until 1969, becoming a full professor in 1962. In 1964, he was appointed special assistant attorney general for the UW Board of Trustees as an additional duty. His teaching duties ended when he began service as vice president for student affairs. He continued to serve as special assistant attorney general for the UW trustees until his duties were changed in 1972 to university legal counsel, which he performed until 1980, when he returned to full time-teaching in the College of Law.

Upon retirement from UW, he returned to his hometown of Riverton, where he served for a decade as a member of the Central Wyoming College Foundation.

“I know the impact he has had on hundreds of attorneys, in Wyoming and across the country, in their education and practices, especially in the field of natural resource law,” says Wyoming Supreme Court Chief Justice Marilyn Kite, who studied under Geraud. “His expertise in oil and gas, mining, public lands and property law contributed to the UW College of Law’s reputation as one of the leading natural resources law schools in the region and the country.”