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Student Profile: Mitchell Johnson

Student Profile: Mitchell Johnson

Why did you choose CWC?
I chose CWC for the smaller class sizes, the programs they offer, and for their cross-country and track programs.

What are you Studying?
I am currently studying biology but I plan to major in business next year with a minor in biology.

Where are you from?
I am from Roy, Utah.

What kept you here at CWC?
The thing that has kept me here at CWC is the opportunities for scholarships, the small class sizes, as well as the programs that are offered.

How has CWC impacted you?
CWC has impacted me by giving me a great college experience and teaching me a lot about life itself.

Favorite thing about CWC?
My favorite thing about CWC is being an RA and the student senate president. Holding these positions has provided me with once in a lifetime opportunities that have set me up for great success.

Future Plans?
My future plans are currently becoming a medical examiner but the more I think about a business degree, I’m thinking that being a hospital administrator would be a great career path.