Alumni Spotlight - Rachel Hofer

Alumni Spotlight – Rachel Hofer

Rachel Hofer came to Riverton and CWC after graduating from high school in Mountain View, Wyoming, and made the most of her time on campus. Prior to graduating in 2016 with four associates’ degrees (Television, Radio, Film, and Communication Studies), Rachel served as the Student Senate Treasurer and then President, a Student Ambassador, and a Resident Assistant – including one year as the head Resident Assistant.

During her time as a student, Rachel interned with Wyoming PBS, the Broadcast department, and the Film department. She also worked in the mailroom, the fitness center, and the Communications department. Following her graduation from CWC, Rachel earned a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Montana and worked at Western Wyoming College for several years. She started working at CWC in May 2021.

Rachel always knew she wanted to come back to CWC, and was excited to see the position of Student Recruiter posted. In addition to her work in Admissions, Rachel is a Student Senate Advisor and plans to work toward bringing back the spirit/pep club Rustler Riot, which she was a member of as a student. Rachel is looking forward to serving as a student guide. “Seeing students find themselves and move forward is one of the most rewarding things,” she said.

As for her future plans, Rachel said, “One day I hope to be the Dean of Students at CWC as the current Dean of Students, Steve Barlow was a mentor of mine for the majority of my time at CWC and I want to help students find their passion and love for CWC like he helped me find mine. I truly couldn’t be more grateful for my time at CWC, the institution – and especially the people who make up the institution – have helped to shape me into the person I am today and are the reason I found myself back in higher education and at CWC.”

Update: Rachel is currently the Admissions Director at CWC.