acrylic painting, pastel on paper titled Fusion by Susan Durfee
FUSION, 27.25” x 19.5”, acrylic, pastel on paper by Susan Durfee

Joseph Cipro and Susan Durfee will exhibit their recent paintings at the Central Wyoming College Robert A. Peck Art Center Gallery, Mind Mapping, through October 23.

The art shown in the Mind Mapping exhibit is inspired by a fascination of both artists with maps. Maps give evidence to both the value of exploration and to the history of change, through place and personal growth. Their statement asks, “How do we accept, interact, and adapt to a new concept or point of view? What if that comes in the form of a new relationship? Or when the world abruptly changes with a pandemic? Can this be communicated through art to establish where we have been or to provide guidance to those on a similar journey?”

Joseph Cipro’s oil painting, Dynamic Ecology, refers to the fluidity of change in the natural world, referencing the geologic mapping that has been done while projecting the changes to come with global warming and the perception of those changes. Other paintings in the exhibIt juxtapose the inexact science of mapping, historically and the application of new measurement technologies to give people more detailed analyses of the changes in the current time with an eye to the developing future.

Fusion, an acrylic painting by Susan Durfee, also references the landscape. The impressionistic painting of the landscape is overlaid with small circles which are color swatches from a self-portrait; representing the journey of the individual to find a synergistic relationship with nature.  The grid-like structure of this painting can be seen in the other pieces by Durfee shown in Mind Mapping.

An artist’s presentation and discussion will be on Thursday, October 22 at 6 PM. The public is encouraged to join them. The Robert A. Peck Art Center Gallery is open Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm. Saturday 10am-3pm. For more information, contact Nita Kehoe, 307-855-2211.

Durfee and Cipros’s work also can be seen in Jackson at an exhibit hung in St. John’s Health Professional Building.

an oil painting titled Dynamic Ecology Oil by Joseph Cipro












Image left: DYNAMIC ECOLOGY, 48” x 36”, oil on Canvas by Joseph Cipro
Image right: FUSION, 27.25” x 19.5”, Acrylic, pastel on paper by Susan Durfee