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shipping container in the field at CWC's Alpine Science Institute

Central Wyoming College requests proposals for an art installation to enhance a shipping container that is being transformed into a working, experiential-based classroom as part of the CWC Wind River Farm Business Incubator and farmer training program. All proposals are due Jan. 8 at midnight.

The container which is being transformed into a cleaning, processing and storage unit for locally grown produce, will be used spring through fall to allow farmers in training to learn how to properly and safely process fruits and vegetables for market.

The container will be housed at CWC’s Alpine Science Institute, where aspiring and beginning small scale farmers will learn new skills through a comprehensive six-month crop production practicum and farm business management course. Training will take place in the classroom, high tunnel hoop house, on ASI’s quarter-acre education farm plot and in the processing facility. CWC’s focus is on teaching the technical skills for successful farming at high elevation, with regenerative and organic practices.

All interested artists are encouraged to visit the ASI to view the container which is onsite in its permanent location: CWC Alpine Science Institute, 50 Field Station Road, off of Sinks Canyon Road.

Proposal requirements

  • The art will be integrated into a metal shipping container with vertical corrugated ribs.
  • The shipping container measures 8’ wide x 40’ length x 10’ high. There is a washing and cleaning station permanently attached to the north side of the container.
  • The artist is required to incorporate a place-based theme that transforms the container from a utilitarian structure into a visual asset that celebrates the location, agriculture, and/or the education program.
  • Artwork must cover the container which will be a primed surface. Levels of detail may vary from side to side.
  • Artwork can be painted, vinyl wrapped, or mixed media such as attached metal or wood.
  • Artwork must withstand weather and weathering and must have an expected lifespan of approximately a decade.
  • Proposals must include the specific type of materials being used with a description of the expected material lifespan and weathering process from a visual perspective.
  • The proposal must include the program brand logo, Grow Your Own – Food, Jobs, Community and CWC logo (see below for logos). A LOR Foundation logo will be incorporated possibly as a suspended sign hanging from the washing station roof facing east.

Proposal project timeline:

  • November 9 call for art proposal announced
  • January 8 midnight proposals due. All artists will receive notice of receipt of the proposal.
  • Starting January 25-February 5 interviews.
  • February 15 winner announced. All artists will receive a notice of the winning proposal.
  • Late February to mid-March the artist and CWC staff meet to sign the contract and discuss the project.
  • May 2021 installation
  • June 7 installation complete
  • Late June 2021 public facility grand opening, date to be announced. The winning artist is encouraged to attend.


Please email a proposal of the intended artwork and include the following:

  • Contact information (name, email, and phone number) and website and/or other social or digital platforms exhibiting artwork.
  • Visual and written representation of the concept.
  • Digital representations (photographs or video) of 3-5 pieces from your portfolio.
  • Examples can demonstrate your ability to work on metal and/or on a large scale. Additional images should demonstrate the quality of your work and your creative
  • Submit the proposal to Joanne Slingerland Include in the subject header: Farm Incubator Artist Proposal.


Selection process

  • A selection of finalists will be interviewed in person or digitally to discuss further the
  • All proposals will be reviewed by the CWC Farm Incubator Business administration and vision of the proposal.


Installation and payment

  • The installation will be weather dependent in the spring of 2021. Installation must be coordinated with Joanne Slingerland, Central Wyoming College-Lander director.
  • The selected artist will receive a $3,000 artist fee. Upon signing the commission contract, the artist will be paid $1,500. The remainder will be paid upon completion of the commission. Additionally, the artist may receive up to $1,000 in material reimbursement. Reimbursement will be handled by CWC upon completion of the artwork with electronically submitted receipts to Joanne Slingerland at

For more information contact Joanne Slingerland at or (307) 855-2330 or (307) 332-3394.

a shipping container in the field at the Alpine Science Institute

Shipping Container at the Alpine Science Institute

shipping container north side with washing station

Front of the container (North Aspect). The blue masked area is where a window will go. The structure under construction is the washing station. The area to the right of the door is available for artwork.

shipping container facing west side

Container end (west aspect). The masked area is where an air conditioner unit will be mounted.

metal shipping container

South facing aspect. The blue masked area is where a window will be installed.

metal shipping container

Container end (east aspect).

close up view of a metal shipping container

Close up view of the container.


Central Wyoming College approved logos.

CWC logo in orange CW logo with gray C and orange W CW logo with a blue C and orange W

Central Wyoming College logo in orange

Central Wyoming College logo with blue C and orange words

CWC logo with gray C and orange W

Grow You Own logo:

Grow Your Own logo with words food, jobs, community


Color Specs:

GRAY: CMYK: 64, 56, 53, 28. Web: #58595B

Orange: CMYK: 0, 71, 98, 0. Web: #F36E21

Blue: CMYK: 86, 57, 44, 23. Web: #2A5769