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Virtual Gallery from CWC Jackson's Photography Class

Virtual Gallery from CWC Jackson’s Photography Class

Each student in the digital imaging class submitted a short biography with their work and a self portrait.

Diana Moreno

My photography theme is texture and patterns. I chose this theme because I find other photos on texture very interesting and decided I should give it a try and get my own texture photos. Many of my photos are up close and you’re able to see details. While shooting I just walk around my house and try to find the most interesting textures and get really close to the object with my camera. I tend to find plants very interesting and can sometimes get really good up-close pictures of their texture. When shooting I like being able to have a mood in the picture, most of my shots have been clam and relaxing.

My name is Diana and I am a CWC student in Jackson Wy. I am currently finishing up my second year and will be transferring to Utah this fall. I have lived in Jackson for over 15 years. I am interested in photography because I find it very fun to take pictures and find something that people usually don’t take pictures of. Photography is a fun way to show mood and show others about what you’re interested.

Erick Alpizar

The theme of my photo series is about workers, especially those who do construction work. This inspiration came to me immediately, I work in the construction area and since I came to this country most of my work has been in construction. I think every worker has a great story to tell and a reason why they do their job. The objective of several of my photographs is to show the part of their lives that workers spend, and how they interact at work. Each of my photos shows a different feeling of the workers, also thanks to the different light shots that are inside the work, I was able to capture great photos.

I was born in Los Angeles, California on January 6, 2000. My parents took me 1 year old back to Mexico, where I spent 15 years of my life. Raising myself with my cousins, aunts and grandparents. A very different lifestyle than here. I returned to the United States to do my High School in Jackson Hole. It was a path of much learning and mistakes, so I do not regret anything and I am very happy to be here. Now almost finishing my freshman year in college. My interest in photography has been around since I was 12 years old, when I started skating. And that was when I started to see life differently. I consider myself an artistic person, I like to learn new things and venture to new challenges. However, I never had a camera before this class, and also no kind or orientation towards photography. And now that I know the principles of photography, I try all the time to be with the camera and practice.

Jeraldy Romero-Garcia

Hi, my name is Jeraldy Romero-Garcia. I am a beginner photographer who enjoys taking still-life photographs. Ever since I started taking photographs, my inner photography voice has started to flourish as I discover more of my own personal style. When I am not taking still life photographs, I read, bake, and run.

All my still life photographs consist of three elements: pastel colors, light, and objects. I show the uniqueness of the object, the texture, and colors to tell a story from the past. Using meaningful personal items has given life to my photographs. Taking the approach of using natural sunlight has created a feeling of elegance and delicacy. The colors I choose are light and simple colors that appeal to me. My inspiration comes from romance novels. In many of the romance novels, mentions many ways to express and show gratitude. Many of the objects I used are found in my home. The backgrounds of most of my photographs are created using curtains and black furniture around the house. Then by taking the photographs close to windows allows for natural lighting to come through getting the pastel colors within each photograph. Molding a photograph created by me.

Karla Jimenez Vazquez

Karla Jimenez self portrait

My name is Karla Jimenez Vazquez. I was born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I was first introduced to photography back in middle school. When I was a sophomore in high school I signed up for another photography course. Back then, I was sure that I would end up pursuing a career in photography, because I enjoyed it so much. Although, towards the end of my junior year I found my true interest. I am now studying Criminal Justice at Central Wyoming College. I am lucky to be taking yet another photography course. My pleasure for photography has not changed one bit since middle school. Photography is calming yet entertaining at the same time. The Grand Tetons and the wildlife are what immediately comes to mind when you think of Jackson. I initially wanted to photograph one of those two things, but I realized it is something everyone sees everyday. I decided to photograph stuff that goes unnoticed. I chose public art as my theme for my photography portfolio. I chose that theme because I love to look at street art like graffiti, murals, and structures. I took my public art photos during the day so you are able to see the small details. The composition of my photos depend on what it is I’m photographing. For example, I took a photo of this giant lip structure in Paris, France with other structures and graffiti in the background. I could’ve just taken a photo of the lip structure itself but I wanted to show the other subjects. To ensure that the street art is what stands out in my photos I enhance the colors if it is needed. Although, I rarely touched up anything else in my photos. The tone and mood also vary throughout my photos.

Lytsi Garcia

My name is Lytsi Garcia. I was born in the United States on February 16, 2001 here in Jackson Wyoming. I am 19 years old. When I was 3 years old I went to live in Mexico and I lived there with my mother for 13 years, I returned to the United States to live when I was 16 years old. I studied high school here in Jackson. I’m currently in college and I’m studying accounting and as part of my degree, I needed to take a class that had to do with art. I had already taken the art class in high school, so I decided to
take photography because it was interesting to me apart from the fact that I didn’t know how to use a camera. When I was younger, I remember that my dad bought a professional camera for me with all the equipment to print the photos but I didn’t know how to use it. I took this photography class because I was interested in knowing everything about a camera and learning about filters. At first I thought it was going to be like in a photography series that I had seen, where they occupied the dark room. It was not like that, now I understand that everything is step by step.

My theme is portraits. My inspiration to choose this theme was the feeling that they can convey. Portraits can also transmit knowledge because you can represent different cultures and traditions. Faces of people represent something from their country, past, etc. I wish I could have the time to travel and capture different faces and moments, but given the circumstances, I couldn’t travel.

Maleny Hernandez

My name is Maleny Hernandez. I am 19 years old and I am a sophomore at CWC. I am originally from Southern California but I moved here to Jackson in July of 2015. I am currently majoring in Criminal Justice in hopes of helping solve cold cases. I have had an interest in photography for the longest now. Everywhere I went, I would take pictures of everything I would find appealing. I took this class so I can learn how I can take pictures on an actual camera and not just a phone and also know the functions of the camera. I used to think that using a camera was easy and all you have to do is click the button but since taking this class, I learned that there are many factors that contribute to taking the perfect photo.

My theme is all about lights. I chose this theme because I thought it would be very cool and very different from what other people were doing. I have always liked how city lights looked at night and I decided to take pictures of all the lights here in Jackson. I knew I wanted my pictures to be more in the dark so the lights can pop out even more. There have been times where I would bring the exposure up and usually I do this when I see that there are many subjects in the photo that I don’t want to be left unseen. I also sometimes mess with the colors when I am editing so the colors can be more vibrant.

Maria Sanchez

My photography has a monochromatic theme of red. Every picture has a tint of red with different shades. The color red gives the feeling of love and romance as well as
passion. The intensity of some of the shades gives my photographs a dramatic effect. My name is Maria Sanchez I am originally from Tlaxcala, Mexico but was raised in
Jackson Hole. I am 18 years old and a freshman in college. I take an interest in art and photography and like to spend time outdoors. I want to travel in the future and capture the moments I experience.

Sharlotte Castaneda

My name is Sharlotte Castaneda. I am 19 years old, currently studying at Central Wyoming College. With a purpose of preparing myself to become an Interior Designer. Having to take a Digital Photography class has been one of the best things that has happened to me. Photography is one of my new favorite passions. I would never think that Photography would change my way of seeing life. It brings me peace and satisfaction, by just thinking that with a simple button I can capture a specific moment. Throughout this class I did close up portraits. I got really inspired by Richard Avedon, a portrait photographer. The portraits that I took over this semester are mostly family members, my daughter, my partner, my sister and cousin. They all took a little of their time to be my models. I used effective lighting and different poses to make sure I was taking the right photo. Many of my photos have a blurred background and they don’t show their entire face like a normal portrait. In some other photos I used different angles and perspectives, getting higher or lower, moving right or left, avoiding some elements that could create certain distraction behind or around the person. These are some of the techniques that I learned to create beautiful well composed portraits. Portrait photography is about much more than a snapshot of somebody’s face, it’s about capturing the essence of a person’s identity and attitude.

Thibaud Sanchez


My name is Thibaud Sanchez. I was born in Bozeman,Montana. I have a love for the outdoors because I get to do plein air painting. The plein air painting helps me become a better artist by doing studies in some of my favorite places like the Gros Ventre. Digital photo class is going to help me become a better artist because I can take photographs of wildlife to add to my artwork.

The process of making art is my photography theme, starting from a blank surface to a finished masterpiece. I am also photographing local artists at work like Mike Piggot.