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If you're looking for an American educational experience that is extraordinary, look no further. At CWC, we greatly value our international students and go out of our way to give them the best experience possible. Transferring to other universities is easy, and our international students who start their educational career with us do very well when they continue on.

International Student Guidebook

What every International Student should consider

Low total costs

Unlike many colleges and universities in the U.S., Central Wyoming College's tuition is extremely low. Estimated costs for tuition, housing, meals, books and fees for one academic year are only $15,800 (US).

Dormitory rooms/apartments with a basic meal plan as low as $500/$525 a month

The Food Court, located in the Student Center, prepares 17 meals a week. The Food Court is also open 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. continuously for snack items, fruits, salads and drinks, and will provide special menus for those with dietary restrictions.

Small class size

Academic classes average 10-20 students.

Modern technology and plenty of computers

CWC prides itself on its technological advancements. All computers are top-of-the-line and high speed. There are numerous computer labs for student use on campus and wireless networks are available in most campus facilities.

Safe, Western college town

Population: 10,000. Peaceful, low cost of living and a community of professors and students that make this an ideal place for learning.

Beautiful, panoramic view of the Wind River Mountains

Located near world-renowned Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Central Wyoming College offers a myriad of outdoor activities with public lands available for hiking, fishing and exploring the outdoors.

International Students - Admissions Requirements

Students who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of the United States are welcome to apply for admission. Once the student has completed all application forms, he or she will be issued an I-20. These are the requirements for admission:

  1. A completed application for admission and a picture of the applicant.
  2. Guarantee of Support Form or a certified bank statement indicating that the applicant, applicant's family or applicant's sponsor are able to provide a minimum of $15,996 (U.S. funds) per academic year of study. (Please note that actual living expenses will depend on lifestyle, and the total expenses might be lower than or exceed $15,996.)
  3. A housing application and $100 deposit. (For more information on the housing available at CWC, please visit the CWC Residential Life page.)
  4. Original high school/college transcripts, with English translation.
  5. An official copy of the applicant's TOEFL report. A minimum score of 60 on the IBT or 500 on the paper-based test. CWC's institution code is 4115. TOEFL scores should be sent directly to CWC's International Student Advisor. A score of 6.0 on the IELTS exam will work in place of the TOEFL. Students from English speaking countries may waive this requirement with letters of recommendation. Please contact the International Student Services at for more information.
  6. A health certificate, in English, signed by a licensed physician.
  7. A copy of current passport

Admission is granted with the understanding that you have a valid, un-expired visa and the ability to provide evidence of financial support. You must be fully prepared to meet the necessary financial obligations for the full time you will be in the U.S.

Multicultural Club

The Multicultural club is a fun and active group on campus that offers students from all around the world the opportunity to build close friendships with each other, while sharing their cultures with each other and the community. The club, which is one of the largest on campus, helps international students adjust to being away from home by giving them a place where they can feel comfortable, relaxed and yet involved in something meaningful.

Club members become very close over the two to three years that they are here, and leave knowing they have life-long friends.

Club sponsored fundraisers

The club sponsors several fundraisers throughout the year so that it can afford to take various trips, have parties and do other fun activities. The money raised from the show goes into an International Student Scholarship fund. These special scholarships are only awarded to active members of the club who have demonstrated exemplary participation.

The club meets once every week throughout the school year, and every other meeting we try to plan a presentation from a member of the club about his/her country. Often at meetings we like to have a sampling of some native food as well. Each year the club plans various trips, including one big field trip at the end of each spring semester. Trips in the past have included places like Denver, CO and Rapid City, SD.

Anyone is welcome to join, whether international or not. If you are interested in being a part of the Multicultural Club, contact the International Student Advisor.

Practical Information


Your "full-meal" ticket provides you with 17 meals per week in the Food Court (three meals Monday-Friday and a "brunch" on Saturday and Sunday). The Food Court is open 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. continuously for snack items, fruits, salads and drinks, and will provide special menus for those with dietary restrictions - just discuss it with the cafeteria staff.

Microwave ovens are available in the residence halls and may also be rented for a small fee. There are several grocery stores in town where you may purchase food and personal items. There are also several "fast-food" restaurants within a mile of the campus.


There are several department stores in town to buy clothing, personal items, etc. The College Bookstore also carries postage stamps and other items for personal care.

Handling Money and Banking Services

The College Business Office accepts traveler's checks and cashier's checks. You may also open a personal account in any of the local banks. DO NOT KEEP LARGE SUMS OF MONEY IN YOUR ROOM OR APARTMENT.

International students should keep their money in a bank. In order to open a savings account, you must have a social security number.

Students should have a checking account to make purchasing in the local area easier. This is a convenient way to use banking services, and they can be opened at any bank. An identification card and the amount you want to deposit into the bank are all you need. The bank will issue a booklet of checks, which you can use to withdraw money from your account. Students who set up checking accounts are usually offered an ATM/debit card as well. Note: it is illegal to knowingly write checks without sufficient money to cover them. Some banks offer free checking accounts to students. Free checking accounts have no service charges.


Laundry facilities are located in the housing complex. Other personal services are available within a short distance. Contact the housing office for details.

Driver's License

International students wishing to drive in the U.S. must have a valid International Drivers License or a Wyoming Driver's License. Any international student planning to drive in the U.S. must also have liability insurance coverage. We recommend that you obtain full coverage. A list of insurance carriers is available from the International Student Advisor.

International Student Services

To provide a smooth transition for the international student, Central Wyoming College provides an International Student Services. The staff will guide the student through the requirements.

  Jason Harris 
  International Student Advisor

  portrait of CWC employee Christina Chong Tsen Yee 
  Christina Chong Tsen Yee
  International Student Recruiter

Please request all necessary application material forms by calling Central Wyoming College at (307)855-2000 or

by email:


by mailing:
International Student Services
Central Wyoming College
2660 Peck Avenue
Riverton, Wyoming 82501

All international students attending college at Central Wyoming College must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.

Admission is granted with the understanding that the student has a valid, unexpired visa and the ability to provide evidence of financial support. The student must be fully prepared to meet the necessary financial obligations for the entire time they will be in the U.S.

International Students - Visa Requirements

  1. Keep Form I-20 ID in your possession at all times.
  2. Keep the departure portion of Form I-94 in a safe place. You will have to surrender this upon departure from the U.S.
  3. Take your passport to the International Student Advisor within three days of your arrival so we can keep a copy in your files. Keep a valid passport throughout the time you are at CWC.
  4. If you have transferred to CWC from another U.S. college, submit your transfer I-20 to the International Student Advisor. This must be done within three days of your arrival.
  5. Report any change of address to the Records and Research Office within one week of the change.
  6. If the visa indicates "multiple," you may enter the U.S. any number of times within the dates stamped. If you are planning to visit another country (including Mexico and Canada), you will need to have your I-20 endorsed for re-entry in the U.S. Please bring your copy of the I-20 to the International Student Advisor Office for endorsement at least one week before your departure. You might also need a separate visa for entering other countries.

International Students - Transfer Requirements

International students who wish to transfer to CWC from another institution must follow the same requirements for admission as first-time students in the U.S. Upon completion of the application process, you will receive notice from us that you have been accepted. A copy of your original I-20 and any additional ones, as well as a copy of your I-94, must be sent to us prior to your arrival, and a new I-20 will be issued to you once you are on campus.

International students who have been admitted to Central Wyoming College must enroll for the minimum of 12 credits each semester. International students must declare a program of study on the admission application, and must register as degree-seeking students.

International Students - Financial Aid

International Students, who are not permanent residents of the United States, are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid. Each student must demonstrate that he/she, or his/her sponsor, has $15,996 (US) per academic year in order to receive an I-20 and acceptance to CWC.

Once an international student has attended CWC for at least one semester, he/she can apply for a scholarship. Each student must complete an application through the Financial Aid Office website. For more information see Scholarships.

An additional scholarship, available only to international students, is awarded each semester in the amount of $200. To be eligible, each student must be an active participant in the Multicultural Club for one semester. Applications are available through the International Student Academic Advisor.

International Student FAQ's

How does the Central Wyoming College define an international student?

Any student who is not a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident of the United States is considered an international student. International students usually need an F-1 or M-1 visa to study at Central Wyoming College.

The following students are not classified as international students:

  1. DACA students
  2. Permanent or conditional residents (“Green Card” or I-551)
  3. Graduates from a non-U.S. high school but you hold U.S. citizenship
  4. Individuals with temporary protective status in the United States

How much does the application fee cost?

There is no application fee for all study who are interested to apply with Central Wyoming College. Central Wyoming College is an open-enrollment school - that means all students are accepted once their required material application has been submitted! You can APPLY NOW if you are interested.

Is there an application deadline?

No, Central Wyoming College operates on a rolling admissions schedule, so we accept applications at any time. However, we ask that you submit your documents for admission and an I-20 at least 90 days before the start date of your program so you have enough time to get an F-1 student visa or transfer your SEVIS record from your current U.S. institution.

Can a student get around town without a car?

Yes, we provide a shuttle service to all local banks, grocery stores and other places of interest once a week. Also, many other students who do have cars are always willing to give rides. Many students also purchase a bicycle to get around the community as well as for a little exercise.

Can I get a job?

International students with an F-1 visa are only eligible to work on campus up to 19 hours a week their first year. Campus jobs are available, but are highly competitive and not guaranteed. Starting wage for the first year of employment is $8.25/hour and goes up to $8.50/hour when you return to the same job for a second year. International students may work off-campus during their second year as long as the type of employment is related to the student's program of study.

Do I need health care while in the United States?

Health care is very expensive in the U.S. Most Americans purchase medical or accident insurance to help pay for much of this high cost, especially for hospitalization, surgery and emergency treatment. International students are STRONGLY URGED to purchase a medical insurance policy while enrolled at Central Wyoming College. Forms and information may be obtained from the International Student Advisor or at the Associate Vice President of Student Services office.

How many International Students do you currently have?

We currently have 6 international students: one each from Kenya, U.K., Turkey, China, Canada and Serbia.

  • Real Value

    Unlike many colleges and universities in the U.S., Central Wyoming College's tuition is extremely low. Estimated costs for tuition, housing, meals, books and fees for one academic year are only $17,500 (US).”

    Maygen Cassity, Assistant Professor of Communication

  • Real Experience

    Our students get to participate in hands-on academic experience from the time they begin their classes.”

    Bill Finney, Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Physics

  • Real People

    Central Wyoming College encourages and creates opportunities for students to share their cultures with each other and with their community.”